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p2. When Psychology meets Psychic - what do you get?

Lets precede to look at portions of articles written.

Elijah list Steve Shultz speaks of two powerful words from Doug Addison and Catherine Brown about angels coming to bring revival to California and the U.S., Africa, and across the nations.

After speaking at Cape Town, South Africa, on March 21, 2009 Immediately I began having dreams of angels visiting me. At the conference, I noticed the increase of angelic activity, and the presence and power of God was extremely strong. …

Just before an evening session I received what I can only describe as a supernatural infusion of Kingdom Financial Strategies. As I delivered the message, the presence of a very large angel came with an anointing for businessmen and women to create finances for the Kingdom. Some refer to this as the "Joseph Anointing," which is demonstrated in Genesis 41, as Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams and gives him prophetic direction on how to prosper during an economic downturn. …

The next session the angel was back, and this time nearly the entire conference was set free and healed of broken hearts and issues with wounds from authority. The session after that, the angel was present and nearly everyone there experienced a manifestation of the Holy Spirit in their body with jolts of electricity, tingling, and warmth. Dozens were physically healed that night and there were reports back the next day of supernatural turnarounds, including someone about to commit suicide who was ministered to and saved.

…I telephoned a friend of mine in the U.S., a prophet named Bob Jones, to ask if he was aware of an angel like this. Bob told me the angel was "Power Evangelism" and it was being assigned to me to come back to the U.S. to bring about a revival.

So we have healing angels visiting him with power just like Todd Bentley and the Gnostics had. Of course Bob Jones would have an answer about these angels. There’s more:

The Gathering Angels

That night I had a spiritual experience. I don't know if I dreamed it, was really there, or it was a vision. In this experience, I was driving down U.S. Highway 101 in California. I noticed on the side of the road that there were dozens of Cal-Trans workers (California Department of Transportation). I looked closer and I saw their faces turn into ancient African faces with eyes of blazing fire. They were busy scooping up handfuls of white balls of light from the grass. They were able to find these lights that had been overlooked and discarded by others. Then the fear of God came over me as I realized these were the angels that have been sent by God to gather in a great revival (see Luke 10:2 and Matthew 24:31). I knew that this group of angels had come from Africa to the U.S. to bring about revival.

The Power Evangelism Angel and the Gathering Angels are now in California preparing for a great move of God that will sweep the entire earth. … Many different types of visitations and outpourings from God are happening right now all over the earth.”

Angels of light all over the landscape, changing faces into fire, wow.  an this is going to sweep the entire world.

He says he asked God for a confirmation. At the next meeting a "white feather" literally appeared in mid-air and floated down to the palm of my hand in plain view of everyone. The power of God hit the place quite strongly. I slid out of my seat and was on the floor in an Acts 10:10 trance type of experience. I saw the angel holding my hand and I began to receive a deep level of revelation that has not stopped since.

On and on it goes, where it ends no one knows.

Here’s what I find interesting, those who believe in the gifts and are grounded in the word have none of this in there lives. But those involved in the Latter Rain / Toronto anointing have it going on day and night, awake and asleep. This is what has become normal in these circles open to “mystical influences” from the spiritual realm.

Sudden Acceleration Doug Addison

While watching the news last night, I saw a story about an unexplainable phenomenon called “Sudden Acceleration” that has even scientists baffled. Because cars today are highly technical and omputerized, they are not able to explain why Toyotas and other cars are experiencing this “Sudden Acceleration.” They have actually gotten NASA and other rocket scientists involved as they study the problem.

If this were a dream what would it mean?

Sudden Acceleration is a symbolic representation of what is happening in the spiritual realm right now. Quite often things that happen in the natural realm are symbolic of what God is doing in the supernatural. In dream symbolism cars often represent aspects of our life such as our jobs, spiritual gifts, ministries, etc. … God is accelerating our destinies and we are about to see things begin to happen at a much greater pace.

…The BMW connection

Check this out. God spoke to me last year that someone will buy a car for us and to get ready; I was to go choose the car I want. My choice is a BMW 3 series because it will help me to be able to get into the media community of Hollywood. … As I went to BMW to pick a car out I interpreted a dream for the salesman that was a major confirmation to him about a job change he was about to make. He was leaving his job the next day to become a farmer but people around him thought he was crazy. He was in tears on his cell phone with his wife as he told her that it was God who was calling him to follow his dream of being a farmer like his father…

It is time to take steps and to be flexible

God spoke to me recently to be very flexible in this season of change. I had thought that the BMW would be new (though God never clearly stated this) but the answer to that prophetic word came as a used one to get started. Similarly, I was trying to buy a new laptop but I only had half the money I needed to buy what I wanted and needed as a writer and speaker. God said that because technology is changing quickly, it is not as important to invest for the long term with certain items like laptops that go out of date so quickly. So I had to change my mindset and strategy and now I have a new older model laptop that is five times as fast as my old one and it was half the price of what I was going to spend. …

It seems everything that takes place in the natural is indicative of this so called sprit realm they tap into, God has an awful lot to say outside His Word each and everyday.

The Next Level of Power Evangelism
Doug Addison – August 25, 2010

Over the next three months will be a time to get established in the new season that we are now entering into. Last year was the Jewish “Year of Jubilee” from September 2008–September 2009. This is known as a sabbatical year of rest that occurs after seven cycles of seven years each (Leviticus 25:10–13).

Wait just a second, From a prophetic standpoint, every seven years God will bring a totally new season for us. The last cycle of sevens was 2001–2008. …For me, I became a forerunner of Prophetic Evangelism. In 2001, I left my job as a pastor and launched my ministry InLight Connection. I went all around the world training people in a new creative way to share God’s love and wrote a book called Prophecy, Dreams and Evangelism: Revealing God’s Love Through Divine Encounters.

He also claims those who had injustices, were ripped off,  all your losses will be repaid in the year of Jubilee (Sept. 2008).

Rod Parsley promised the same in 1999, he said “Well In this year of jubilee God wants to paint or mark you with his anointing.” Shambach said in the late 90’s it was the year of Jubilee, as did many others on TBN. Addison is going against a number of the “other” prophets in his own camp that said it was 10 years before (the Jubilee is every 50 years). Well, it matters little when none of them are right. The year of jubilee is connected to the law of the Old Testament. It has nothing to do with a new covenant believer. Yet Addison states that even your car will stop needing repair,” ‘your clothes will not wear out” one cannot get more brazen FALSE promises. There’s not one person on earth that will see this happen, least of all him.

My seven year cycles:
1973—Received Jesus
1980—Felt called to start a relevant church
1987—Came out of the occult and came back to the church

What? He came out of the occult in 1987, 14 years after he received Jesus? This timeline does not make sense. Why is he still promoting the occult?

He says "During the Year of Jubilee (2008–2009) God took us into a time of transition in which the old way of doing things was not as effective as it once was and the new has not been fully revealed. ... I released a prophetic word last January that it would be a year to “realign, reassign, and resign.” We have been seeing this happen.

He uses "Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) 2010, God will begin to establish and make clear the new things that He is calling us to. That God spoke to me that when we set the clocks forward in the spring, things would begin to spring forward. When we set the clocks back in the fall (November 7 in the U.S.) things will begin to fall into place.

... This year God told me to be a “future Christian in the current Church.” As I stepped out of the box using more stand-up comedy and secular music I started to see people receive financial miracles (laugh your debt off) and their destinies begin to open up in a new way. This looked different from the normal power and healing meetings I have been seeing over the past decade.

Isaiah 11:2 NIV
The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—
the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,
the Spirit of counsel and of power,
the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord—

The new Power Evangelism will involve helping people get into their destinies using wisdom (godly advice), understanding (discernment), counsel (coaching), knowledge (prophetic) AND God’s ultimate power to change your life! It is similar to Genesis 41 in which Joseph not only interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams; he also gave him insight and godly advice on how to respond. Joseph was promoted into a position of authority and helped save Israel and the entire world during a famine.

I feel as though I am being a forerunner once again. Over the next seven years helping people find and fulfill their destinies will become the next level of Power Evangelism. Using spiritual gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, and knowledge are very powerful tools in helping people understand more about God. Developing ourselves personally through God’s love and strength is the starting place.

Not only does he advertise himself (he new Power Evangelism) by this scripture but uses Joseph as if everyone can be a Joseph. If one were to use a spiritual gift of discernment they would be using the word not another mans mystical interpretations.

Gen. 40:8 Joseph is told the butler and the bakers dream- And they said to him, “We each have had a dream, and there is no interpreter of it.” And Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell them to me, please.” For the butler, it was a good interpretation- for the baker it was not, Joseph answered and said, "Within three days Pharaoh will lift off your head from you and hang you on a tree; and the birds will eat your flesh from you." (Gen. 40:17-19).

These dreams were used to exalt Joseph to his place of rulership and exonerate him so that he would be used to save the nation Israel. While God would occasionally give dreams to ungodly rulers, it took certain godly men to interpret them.

The Internet: The Next Generation’s Revival Doug Addison

Aimee Semple McPherson and Rex Humbard
Aimee Semple McPherson was among the first to have a radio station dedicated to broadcasting the gospel in the 1920s. Rex Humbard was the first to have a weekly church service broadcast, and was the first to have a Christian television network. Both of them were evangelists and were forerunners with their callings to reach the world through media. In 2004 I went into Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, which was Aimee’s first Four Square church, and I asked God to give me any task that she was not able to accomplish in her lifetime. Long story short, within a year I received a grant from the Four Square Foundation for $125,000. God used this experience to show me that the prayer I prayed worked and that He can turn things around in a day.

I was in Akron, Ohio in August, 2009 and God spoke to me that I was not to visit my family as I had planned, but instead I was to go pray at my mother’s grave site. I did it but did not know exactly why until I was leaving the cemetery. To my surprise I saw Rex Humbard’s grave! I went to it and did the same type of prayer I did with Aimee McPherson. I asked God to give me any task that Rex Humbard was not able to fulfill before he died. I first came to know Jesus under Rex’s ministry in the 1970s as a teenager in Akron, Ohio.....

Shades of Benny Hinn, while Addison does not say exactly what Benny Hinn has said, clearly the importance of being at the gravesite is displayed.

A vision from Bob Jones
In 2007 the prophet Bob Jones had a vision in which God had given me a hacksaw and I was cutting into the wires that connect computers together. In his vision I was able to cut into these computer wires and short circuit the plans of the enemy and place God’s glory into the computers instead. One of my first jobs after I began pursuing my calling to ministry was that of a computer network engineer. I have extensive experience in wide-area networks and owned a networking business in the 1990s. I have always been involved in technology, though now I am more of a creative prophetic writer, speaker and evangelistic guru.

I began doing webinars two years ago as a response to Bob Jones’ vision. Since then, we have suffered attack, my website was hacked, and my ministry almost went under this year due to lack of finances. False reports have been released on the internet about me and other ministries and churches have spoken against me. I know that it is the enemy trying to discourage me from my ultimate calling to reach the world through business and technology. In the past couple of years I began to prophecy into the lives of business people and just recently we are seeing the millions of dollars being released into the Kingdom of God as a result.

No one needs to make anything up on Addison to show others what he is about and how far off he is if they use the word of God correctly.

The next steps, he says God is directing them to develop a global internet school of ministry with live interactive training in the areas of hearing God, understanding dreams and visions, developing your spiritual gifts, and finding your destiny. … he goes on to say “We need to raise $5,000 for the first phase and an additional $5,000 for the second phase later in the year. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in this new project that will ultimately impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Addison says millions of dollars being released into the Kingdom of God as a result of him but he is asking to raise 5,000 dollars.

What Addison is doing with prophetic tattoos and piercings etc. is certainly a new thing but has nothing to do with the God of the Bible. It could be considered silly except he is teaching others to do the same and is using God to validate this as a gift, wanting to be compensated for it.

For being “an experienced prophetic dream and tattoo interpreter, and a professional stand-up comedian” He does not notice what he is saying is not a Biblical ministry, gift or calling. We need to identify these new "I got a revelation ministry" as he and others like him expand their platform across the globe and take advantage of those lacking Bbible knowledge and discernment. Addison claims he is an expert in the area of hearing God. If this was true he would hear the word, he would not traffic in Kabbala, mysticism nor invent or promote new charismatic trends.

You can find the full articles on Addison on the Elijah list and his own website






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