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“The Strange, unhealthy and unorthodox teachings of Ernest Angley” (pt.1)

Ernest Angley was born 1922, which makes him 87 years old this year (2009). So this article is not written not at the beginning of his career but at the end.  He may not be the most popular faith healer but his longevity has given him an advantage for his influence. His famous cliché to his watching and willing audience- “I believe in miracles because I believe in God.”

Angley has a large complex based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Televanglist Rex Humbard's former Cathedral of Tomorrow has become Ernest Angely's Church (Built in 1958-- The tent Angley began to preach in was nearby the building, it was called healing stripes, inspired by Isa.53:5).  The church is a circular auditorium-style worship area, with a large red-and-white cross displayed against the black ceiling tiles. 

Ernest Angley seems to have not changed since the 1960-70’s era of televangelism. Wearing an obvious dark toupee, his robust face and voice is unmistakable. His quirky, bothersome voice seems to make him awkward to watch for any length of time. He lines up the people that came for healing having a quick discussion, hearing of their conditions which range from a serious illness to a loss of hearing, a boil, to habits of drinking and smoking. He quickly questions them having them confess belief before he touches them; sometimes slaying them in the spirit and pronounces them healed. By the wave of his hands, or caressing the diseased areas — he waits and then suddenly with authority says: in Jesus’ name “HEEL-yuh!” and they get slain – they are then asked if there is a difference and then are shuffled off the stage for the next in line.

I remember seeing Angley try to heal a man who was deaf (or hard of hearing), by sticking his fingers in the man’s ears, twisting them around a few times as he prays that the man’s hearing would be restored and with his unique accent gives a loud “Heel-yuh.”  I could not shake his presentation as being in the category of strange, it was a unique entertaining approach. Yet at the same time I was uncomfortable about how he is conducts his healings. I knew something was wrong but could not put my finger on it, we did not have enough information on him to address it until now.

There are some very faithful followers of Angley that will no doubt be disturbed by these series of articles. I certainly am somewhat diffident to write this, yet the more I read of him, the more I was disturbed on his teaching. I do not say that Angley is wrong on everything, some things he is right. He does at times preach about the blood cleansing us in the correct manner, he does warn of a coming tribulation; he does exhort the sinner to repent but at the same time he also teaches with hubris what is untrue and not found in the Bible, explicitly or implicitly. I would be remiss not to address the teachings that are obviously wrong, because it would be negligent. 

Of course we have to look at the Bibles teaching on these subjects to see if he is in the bounds of Biblical orthodoxy in what he teaches and practices. I have watched Angely occasionally over the years and had heard his emphasis on the blood, and heard no heresy. At first appearance, Angley’s emphasis on the blood is good but when one discovers what he attributes to the blood in his writings, it becomes an unhealthy unbiblical teaching. He confuses people by giving credit to the blood when he should credit the Spirit; He at times emphasizes the blood over the person of Jesus. Scriptures are misapplied and much of what he proposes is not substantiated with Scripture- the only way he can say he knows these things is by God directly telling him. But then it couldn’t be God because it goes contrary to the Scripture. 

Angley has kept himself separate from his Pentecostal companions, though he will do the very same things and they can be more concerning then even Benny Hinn. He may have a low profile but he has influenced thousands, possibly millions in Africa.

 Angley speaks of the Lord appearing to him in glory to anoint him to preach (less than 5 weeks after he was saved). He recalls that he was asked to speak at his church he attended and when he spoke he went into a cloud of glory, a brilliant light was around him. He saw Jesus “I can see all of him and he looks very much like the paintings of Jesus” (Untying God’s hands p.142) referenced from Article by Stephen Pullum (His speech Betrayeth him: the Healing rhetoric of Ernest Angley Akron’s Idiosyncratic Televangelist nov.1989)

There are several areas of concern we must look at in Angleys teaching- the Holy Spirit, the person and deity of Christ, the nature of man and most importantly the Blood of Jesus. These are core teachings and there are other doctrines that he connects to these that are also affected.

I hope that Angleys followers will not make the mistake and react without ever checking their Bibles to see if what is being taught them is true. Sadly this is the case of many teachers who have a few things right but more things wrong, they are often overlooked by their loyal followers.

Let’s begin with his angelic presence that stands with him:

“Today, the Lord lets me see the cloud of His glory.  It comes down, and I preach in it; and I can see His glory with my eyes open or closed.  …  An angel stands by my side and directs me in every miracle service, and he even tells me things that are going to happen ahead of time” (February 2009 Issue By Ernest Angley Climb that mountain)

Rev. Angley turned to the audience, and the Lord revealed that angels were already touching and healing people” (Out of Darkness and into the light Aug.2008 Issue By Debbie DeRonde and Doris Salna)

"I never start ministering to the sick until the angel of the Lord stands by my side.  He talks to me, tells me where the miracles are taking place.  He will tell me different things about people who are being healed so they will know they are the one the Lord is dealing with." (“They came to receive and receive they did” April 2007 Issue By Maxine Young)

This is exactly what William Branham a Pentecostal healer in the early 40’s- 60’s claimed, an angel was beside him and gave him power.  It becomes in the very least suspicious that Angley who comes from the same era with a similar unbiblical practice claiming what Branham claimed about an angel. God does not assign angels to communicate with us in this manner, nor to heal or do miracles. God gave us the Holy Spirit (who is not an angel), he is the one that works with the believers. He has the power to heal. If one looks up angelic participation with New Testament believers we do not find the activities that he claims are normality in his life.

A MINISTRY OF MAN AND ANGELS   “Years ago the Lord told me this ministry would be a ministry of man and angels.  At that time I wondered how in the world I would work with many angels.  He didn't explain, and I didn't ask Him.  When the Lord visits with me, I don't question Him.  I wait.  If God wants me to know something, He will tell me.  How could this thing be?  I pondered it in my heart…a ministry of man and angels.  Then one day when I was in a crusade standing before a crowd of people, the angel of the Lord who directs me in the miracle services, spoke to me: Tell the people, those who have deafness in their right ear, to put up one finger.  Those who have deafness in the left ear, put up one finger, and an angel will put on it the same power that has been on your fingers in this service, the same power that brought the deaf spirits out.  When the fingers are pulled out, the deaf spirits will come out, too.  As they moved in through the congregation, angels would touch people.  They move as people.  They were in the aisles, between the pews.  One person who belonged to a church that didn't believe in speaking in tongues was touched by an angel of the Lord and received the Holy Ghost right there and then and began to speak in other tongues.  The Lord will use angels to help many, many go through to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as well as help them receive physical miracles.”

“Angels had been in all the services in Ghana from the very first.  God had said it and God did it.  In every service we had multitudes of angelic beings.  They walked; they marched.  I had never seen them walk just like that.  They were in step, standing as tall as people.  …  Their beautiful snowy white garments, their dark brown hair—everything about them was breathtaking indeed.”

“I believe with all my heart that I saw for the first time the archangel Michael, the great captain of the host of God's armies.

For many years I have seen angels, but never one like this one.  There he was…so big.  He looked young, probably the age of the first Adam when he was created.  The most handsome man I had ever seen in my whole life, he had a commanding presence.  He was in perfection.  His shoulder-length hair was combed back over the ears and turned up at the ends.  He looked like a warrior.  I studied his face—he was that close to me—the expression; the overwhelming presence of him was awesome.  He had that wonderful look of Jesus Christ.  I couldn't get enough of looking at him.  I have lived and relived it.  The Lord didn't identify him as Michael: He only said He would send multitudes of angels.”  (italics and underline mine)

God never told anyone they would have a ministry of men and angels, not Paul nor Peter. Angels do not show up and stand by a person to heal. Every time an angel came (speaking or seen) in the New Testament it has either something to do with the Messiah (like Joseph and Mary- Matt 1:20; Luke 1:19) or for an apostle for the church (usually Paul and Peter to be instructed or delivered Acts 5:19; Acts 8:26; Acts 12:7). All of these are not normal or repetitive occurrences.

Apparently the angel of the Lord, who no longer exists since Jesus took upon himself flesh is visiting Angley all the time” “The angel of the Lord has been by my side ever since I came to the platform tonight,” (Mission accomplished in the domincan Republic Dec. 2008 Issue By Debbie DeRonde and Doris Salna)

The angel of the Lord is already by my side directing me.  He gives me names, initials and different details of a person's life so that that one will know I am describing him or her.” (Faith Rose high Feb. 2007 Issue By Maxine Young)

The angel of the Lord,” Reverend Angley said, “was telling me what would take place.  The Lord's light will shine with miracles tonight.”  (The light shineth Oct. 2006 Issue By Maxine Young)

The angel of the Lord is standing by my side now, standing as tall as a man.  Again and again he will direct me, whisper what is about to take place” (The holyghost fire lit up the sky Aug. 2006 IssueBy Maxine Young)

If I begin to get tired during a miracle service, the angel of the Lord who stands by my side just reaches over and touches me” (Climb that mountain Feb. 2009 Issue By Ernest Angley)

“Angels are real to me. I work with angels in every miracle service. The angel of the Lord stands by my side and tells me different things, directs me.” “I'm sensitive to the touch of the Holy Spirit, of the angel that reaches out to touch me.” (The Miracle Of Supply By Ernest Angley)

The angel of the Lord directs him in his miracle services? heals people? There no longer is the angel of the Lord since the incarnation of the Son, so one must question what kind of angel this is visiting him and giving him power.  Where does the Bible say the Lord uses angels to help anyone go through to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and receive physical miracles? Where does the Bible ever teach this sharing of power and ability with angels, which is exclusive to the Holy Spirit; clearly this is a misinterpretation of ministering spirits.

“I see angels as you see people.Rev. Angley instructed them to hold up their fingers and allow an angel to put the power of God on them.“ The angel of the Lord has been by my side ever since I came to the platform tonight” (Mission accomplished in the domincan Republic December 2008 Issue By Debbie DeRonde and Doris Salna)

 Angel power on peoples fingers and his fingers that “When the fingers are pulled out, the deaf spirits will come out, too.” Angels touching  people to be healed is not the biblical way God heals, especially making it a normality for what takes place in  a service.  To say angels give the baptism of the Spirit is concerning when the Bible says Jesus is the baptizer. Angley is mesmerized by angels, his ministry is empowered by angels; he sees them all the time, which again is unbiblical and dangerous. It is a very rare occasion when God allows people to see his invisible ministers at work.

An angel is displayed in front of Ernest Angley's Bible College in Akron, Ohio. Some say the Angel statue holding a trumpet is the memorial for Rev. Ernest Angley's wife who passed away years ago.  

Baptism of the Spirit

As previously stated Angley believes angels help give the baptism of the Spirit. Nowhere is this found in Scripture. Angley has widened the Pentecostal interpretation of the baptism of the Spirit.  However, the apostle Paul in scripture warns us not to go beyond what is written, that is our basis for knowing if we are teaching and practicing correct Bible doctrine or not.

In his tract:

“The Bible teaches speaking with tongues. When the Holy Ghost comes in to set up His abode within a life today, He does just what He did on the day of Pentecost: with another tongue He speaks through the person being baptized. Speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost baptism.

He cites all the scriptures where there are tongues to prove his point Isaiah 28:11. Corinthians 14:21; John 15:26; John 15:27; Acts 1:8; John 15:26; Acts 2:4; Acts 10:44-46; Acts 19:6.

 Speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost baptism.

Isaiah 28:11.I Corinthians 14:21. John 15:26.

Jesus said that the Spirit would testify, and that the disciples would be the ones to witness. And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with me from the beginning, John 15:27. But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth, Acts 1:8. These verses speak of the witness by the disciples; read them along with John 15:26 which plainly tells that the Holy Ghost will speak when He comes in. Acts 2:4.

Citing Acts 10:44-46, Acts 19:6 as proof that people spoke with tongues after Pentecost therefore it is necessary today to show you are baptized in the spirit.  “There is no place in the Bible that tells us the method has been changed, so why try to find another way? If you ever receive the real Holy Ghost as the disciples did on the day of Pentecost, you, too, will speak with tongues.” “it is the physical, initial evidence of Christians who receive it today” “speaking in tongues is simply the first evidence that He has come in” “This is the pattern of how people are to receive the Holy Ghost Acts 19:2. Paul was talking to believers here. To be a believer means your sins are gone. These people received something more than the born-again experience.

He then asks “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?

According to Angley, if you don’t speak in tongues you don’t have the Holy Ghost yet. Speaking in tongues does not make one spirituality superior to those who do not have this ability If they think this they are showing they are actually spiritually immature. Angley’s interpretation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit has “tongues” required. The Bible instead teaches having a self controlled life; a spiritual life is what pleases God, thus producing the fruit of the Spirit.

If one actually reads the text we do not see the 3,000 that were saved on Pentecost speaking in tongues, they heard the disciples from the upper room speak in their own tongues. There is also the statement in Acts 2:7 "are not all these who speak Galileans?” Which limits those who actually spoke in tongues. In Acts 4 where 5,000 were saved there were no tongues mentioned either. Were they not saved?

The “Pentecost event” in Jerusalem was a one time event, not repeated in the same manner ever again, there were no tongues of fire that came upon the 3,000 as it did upon all those in the upper room. One cannot make this a pattern that continues in our day. In Acts 10 the non believing Gentiles received the Spirit before the message was complete unlike Acts 2 it was given to those who believed already. In Acts 19 both tongues and prophecy were exhibited. And No this group of men were not believers in Christ as Angley claims. It says they found disciples. They did not hear of the holy Ghost They were only baptized “into John's baptism." (Johns was a water baptism of repentance to prepare them for the Messiah), they had not heard of the Holy Ghost because they were not there for the events of the crucifixion or the resurrection and then Pentecost, they were still John’s disciples not disciples of Christ. Years after they had not heard that the one John was pointing to had already come.

v. 4-5 Then Paul said, "John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe on Him who would come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus." When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

Here Paul tells them about Christ and what he did. V.6 Then Paul laid hands on them the Spirit came upon them. It wasn't from Paul's hands that it was transferred (GR.dia =through) but (epi =upon, as from above).

If one wants to make a doctrine from a few scriptures than we can conclude from this that everyone must also prophecy, not just speak in a tongue. All believers have the Spirit, not all believers live under His control, even those who speak in tongues. Being filled with the Spirit means being under His control.

Not one verse of Scripture says it is necessary to speak in tongues to have salvation as Angley and other extreme Pentecostals claim. Paul, Peter nor John ever taught such a doctrine. When Paul received salvation it does not say he spoke in tongues until later, yet he was saved on the road to Damascus. When he gives his testimony he refers back to the Damascus road encounter as the time of his Spiritual birth (l Cor.15:18, Gal.1:12). Acts 9:17-18 Ananias laid hands on him calling him "Brother Saul” to receive sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit." he received his sight and was baptized. John the baptizer was filled with the Spirit from the womb and never spoke in a tongue.

Angley professes to have a number of unusual (unbiblical gifts). One is the ability to baptize people in the Holy Ghost “Paul called down the Holy Ghost, and God has gifted me with calling down the Holy Ghost as wellI lay hands on people, and they receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Then I lift my hands in the great overseas crusades, call down the power of the Holy Ghost and thousands are baptized in a few minutes with the real Holy Ghost; they all speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit gives the utterance” (December 2007 Issue By Ernest Angley Why I lay hands on people) [underline mine]

"The fire of the Holy Ghost is all around us now, moving in more and more.  I'm able to see the fire and I want you to see the results of it.  Lift up your hands as I call the Holy Spirit upon you, and don't stop praising the Lord until the Holy Ghost speaks through you.”

"I call the Holy Ghost down," said the preacher, "that great anointing from heaven!  …  The Holy Ghost, the real Holy Ghost, is falling like it did in Bible days.  This is that that Joel the prophet said would be poured out.  You can be baptized; let the Holy Ghost come in with His Holy Ghost fire!  When you take the Holy Ghost in, you take the miracle-worker." (February 2009 Issue By Ernest Angley climb that mountain) [underline mine]

Shades of Benny Hinn. Where did the fire ever appear over peoples heads again as it did on Pentecost? Where do we hear of an apostle calling down the Holy Ghost?

In fact, Angley claims to do a greater baptism than Peter “Thousands have received the Holy Ghost in my services—as many as 29,477 in one Nigerian service—and no one taught any of them to speak in tongues.” (The Seven Churches Of Revelation By Ernest Angley VOLUME 5 A BOOK ON BIBLE PROPHECY)

Nigeria has a reputation of being the land of many tales, its hard to trust the reports from any evangelist in that country. Angley is unaware of the uniqueness of the apostles ministry and how God brought people into the Body of Christ through them. The Bible teaches that the baptism of the Spirit is a salvation experience to bring people into unity of the body and proves it by the few times it is mentioned.

1 Cor 12:12-13 “For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ. For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body-- whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free-- and have all been made to drink into one Spirit.” Gal 3:27 “For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”

Angley encourages those to believe that have not been baptized in the Spirit at salvation but must pursue it.  In his 30 points he states: “If one is a complete Bible believer he will receive the Holy Ghost.”

 “After I received Jesus into my heart, I sought the baptism in the Holy Ghost. I'd turn to the second chapter of Acts, put my finger on the passage describing how the Holy Ghost fell on the day of Pentecost, and say, "God, this is what I want." I needed that keeping power. I had left the world to never go back, knowing it would take a lot of power, the power of the Holy Ghost. Burning all bridges behind me, I contended for the Holy Ghost until I received Him.” (The Seven Churches Of Revelation By Ernest Angley VOLUME 5 A BOOK ON BIBLE PROPHECY) [underline mine]

Acts 2 the spirit came unexpectedly (they didn’t know when), Acts 10 the Spirit came unexpectedly. There is no teaching by an apostle to the church to pursue what is classified as a baptism in the Spirit because it was what occurred when someone was saved. Seeking the baptism of the Spirit is simply not taught in Scripture, it is given by Jesus as a salvation experience. They did not seek it at Pentecost or any of the outpourings in the book of Acts. It was a gift given freely. Tongues were always given unexpectedly (Acts 2, 10, 19) they were not expecting to see this sign gift.

Cor.12:13 “For by one spirit are we all baptized into one body.” All believers receive the baptism of the Spirit to be in Christ which takes place at the moment one exercises faith in Christ. We are commanded to be continually filled with the Spirit, not to seek for the baptism as something we don't have after we believe. That would be disbelieving the word.

Angley believes in a conditional rapture of only sinless believers. Here is how he explains it” A WORD OF EXPLANATION: The word "Rapture" refers to the second coming of Jesus when He will come for His Bride. There are those who misunderstand when I say the Bible teaches you must have the Holy Ghost baptism to make the Rapture; they think I mean that no one can go to heaven without the Holy Ghost baptism. NO, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT IT TAKES THE HOLY GHOST BAPTISM TO GO TO HEAVEN. A person who is born of the Spirit of God will go to heaven. ALL THAT IT TAKES TO GO TO HEAVEN IS THE NEW BIRTH, A BORN-AGAIN EXPERIENCE THROUGH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. However, more power will be required for us to go to heaven by way of the Rapture than by way of the grave. We who are alive on the face of the earth when Jesus comes will need something extra; we will need the Holy Ghost baptism before we can be caught up to meet the Lord in the air” (underline mine) (The 144,000 And The Seventh Seal's Trumpet Judgments By Ernest Angley VOLUME 9 A BOOK ON BIBLE PROPHECY)

In other words you can’t be raptured, you will have to die. If you die it will be a resurrection not a rapture, though the event he is referring to is the same- the taking of those out of the grave who are believers as well as believers who are alive (1 Thess.4:13-17). So this is doublespeak on his part. So we need more Spirit to get us up in the air because having the Holy Spirit is not enough, apparently we need our tank full—“the baptism of the Spirit.”

Angley writes #22. THE HOLY GHOST WILL GIVE YOU FAITH TO MAKE THE RAPTURE. . . Contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints, Jude 3. The faith that was delivered to the early church brought them to the place they were baptized in the Holy Ghost.”

 This Scripture is about refuting the false teachers inside the church, it has nothing to do with what he is speaking about.

“Friend, three times God has told me that THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ALIVE WHEN JESUS COMES WILL NEED THE HOLY GHOST BAPTISM, WITH THE INITIAL EVIDENCE OF SPEAKING WITH OTHER TONGUES, to be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. God has given numerous scriptures to back up what He said. He also gave me special power for laying on hands for the Holy Ghost just as they had in the early church (Acts 8:17 and Acts 19:6). He told me to preach the Holy Ghost to the people. JESUS IS SOON COMING! Don't let anyone convince you that you do not need this glorious baptism, because WITHOUT IT YOU WILL GO INTO THE TRIBULATION PERIOD” (30 bible teachings why you must have the Holy Ghost to make the rapture)

Angley gives no Scriptures as proof except for the ones mentioned that have nothing to do with his unique interpretation. To add insult to injury Angley also adds a few more qualifications that the Bible does not. Perfect holiness and speaking in tongues

Some think they can sin just a little and still be protected by the blood of Jesus, but it doesn't work that way. If the seal of God upon you is broken in any way, you will not be preserved, not kept in the holiness of God. You will become contaminated, lost, left behind at the Rapture (The 144,000 And The Seventh Seal's Trumpet Judgments By Ernest Angley VOLUME 9 A BOOK ON BIBLE PROPHECY)

the baptism in the Holy Ghost, a requirement to prepare you for the Rapture.

“Miracle power works within you when you have been baptized in the Holy Ghost. Miracle power took brother Elijah up to heaven in a chariot; miracle power raptured Enoch.”

You believe all Christians will go in the Rapture? That isn't what the Bible says. Matthew 22:14 tells us that many are called, but few are chosen. The disobedient will not be taken.” (The Seven Churches Of Revelation By Ernest Angley VOLUME 5 A BOOK ON BIBLE PROPHECY)

How can Elijah be baptized in the Holy Ghost when according to the Bible it puts one in the Body of Christ  which didn’t exist until Pentecost. According to Angley this baptism is given to Christians so this does not make sense. The Scripture he cites for the disobedient not going in a rapture certainly is questionable in the way it is applied. The Bible teaches that all Christians are called and chosen for salvation.  (Jms.2:5; 1 Pt.1:15,2:4; Rom.1:5-6,7; 8:29-30; 1 Cor. 1:9;24-30; Eph.4:4; Col.3:15 see the word called)  one can be chosen for a certain task among the called, but the true distinction is believer or unbeliever who would not be going in the rapture anyway.

The seal of God the bible teaches is the Holy Ghost who is given to EVERYONE when they first believed.

Angley’s view is that “You must have the Holy Ghost IN you to quicken your mortal body.” True,  but he does not believe it is enough. The Holy Ghost is given to all that believe the gospel according to Eph. 1:13-14” In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.” Eph 4:30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.” (which is either the rapture or resurrection). 2 Cor 1:22 “who also has sealed us and given us the Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee.”

“And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there A MAN WHICH HAD NOT ON A WEDDING GARMENT [without the wedding garment he was not worthy to be part of the bridal party]: And he saith unto him, Friend [Jesus called him a friend, not an enemy], how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? AND HE WAS SPEECHLESS, Matthew 22:11, 12. He did not have the Holy Ghost; therefore, HE DID NOT SPEAK THE HEAVENLY LANGUAGE. To be changed and caught up when Jesus comes, you must have on the wedding garment and speak the heavenly language, and this you cannot do unless you have the Holy Ghost.”

In addressing the wedding garment Rev.19:7-9 "Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready." And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints. Then he said to me, "Write: 'Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!'" And he said to me, "These are the true sayings of God."

Salvation allows us to be clothed in Christ that produce righteous acts able to go to the wedding feast.  Nowhere does it say  the heavenly language is mandatory, this his own peculiar interpretation.

 (Eph 1:6); if there be "no condemnation," it is "to them that are in Christ Jesus" (Rom 8:1). These are they that have "put on the Lord Jesus" (Rom 13:14; Gal 3:27). This is to have the wedding garment. (from Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary)

Angley insists on this teaching and it is deeply part of his belief system. “Friend, three times God has told me that THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ALIVE WHEN JESUS COMES WILL NEED THE HOLY GHOST BAPTISM, WITH THE INITIAL EVIDENCE OF SPEAKING WITH OTHER TONGUES, to be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. (30 bible teachings tract why you must have the holy ghost to make the rapture) [underline and italics mine]

Angley makes a mountain out of a molehill. To state that you will not go in the rapture without speaking in tongues from the baptism of the Spirit (the least of the gifts) is asinine. You can be a world famous evangelist that has lead millions to the Lord, you can have worked miracles in people lives and be teaching sound doctrine, you can have prayed for people in your closet your whole life with results, you can out of love helped the poor and needy, sacrificing all, but you will be rejected by the Lord because you have not spoken in tongues (see Jn.7:38).

Where does the Bible say if you don’t speak in tongues you can’t go in the rapture. He has added to the word and brought fear and humiliation to people who will not speak in a tongue when it is not necessary. This is a legalistic interpretation and a misapplied application.

These are just a few of the teachings according to Angley.


Pt.2 The divine heavenly Blood in Jesus



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