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You're pulling my leg

W. V. Grant, Jr., is a second-generation revival preacher whose ministry became famous in the 1970s and 1980s.  He was at one time promoted as one of America's leading faith healers, packed auditoriums, and gained a fortune in the millions from his ministry. Grant in his 50’s has been pastor of the Eagle’s Nest Family Church in DeSoto for over 13 years.

Grant is famous for mailing out letters in a personalized form letter which includes trinkets. He will make it personal and tell you that God wants to do something special or powerful in your life. Little trinkets are included in the mail for one is to send back with a gift for the blessing. He offers anointing oil and by touching as point of contact you get the blessing.  The recipient of the letter is instructed to send it back with a requested amount (like $50), Grant will rush the special anointing oil back to generate the miracle.

Grant has become famous for his ability to lengthen legs and has become his specialty. I have watched this a number of times on TV. This is an old trick that is easily done for the cameras. From what I have been told Grant also has people in the audience turn in filled out papers before the service. From reading these papers he knows what people are going through and is able to use this info for the next few days in his meetings. He will call out a name or something specific of a certain person and they will be coerced into thinking God has revealed something to him. Grant is back now doing his meetings and there is concern about this for the body of Christ. Many of these men who were successful before make a comeback after people forget what took place before.

For example in 1991 ABC-TV’s Prime Time Live ran an investigative report where Grant was included with segments on Robert Tilton and Larry Lea. All were thoroughly busted for their misrepresentations to the public and the church.   Ole Anthony of the Trinity Foundation, a watchdog organization keeping tabs on the tele-evangelists was influential in making this happen. So began an era of open discovery for those fleecing the flock.

ABC’s hidden cameras caught Grant and his staff informally circulating among audience members before services. They would hand-pick those who were to be called forth that night. They would ask them questions about their personal lives, their goals, finances, sicknesses, making careful note it would be passed on to Grant who would later claim was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit.

After Prime Time expose attendance at both Grant's revival meetings and his Eagle's Nest Family Church in southwest Dallas tumbled, as would be expected his support evaporated. But he was persistent and went right back to doing what he knows best.

Grant had not only become known for his ability to stretch legs, but also his “disaster-grams” which are appeal letters.  Grant's story stretching finally snapped back on him, a few years latter he spent 16 months in federal prison. Grant was secretly videotaped by the IRS for using $100,000 of money he solicited to help feed poor starving children to purchase a $1.2 million dollar estate, 9 bathroom mansion for him and his third wife  (located overlooking a south Dallas suburb country club in DeSoto, Texas.) He did not report the money as taxable income. He was ordered to federal prison by a U.S. district judge for tax fraud. He was sentenced to 16 months in prison and fined $30,000. According to an Associated Press report, Grant “admitted using church-related funds to make payments in 1990 on his home and another house he bought as an investment.” None of these properties had been listed as assessment revenue.

The Grants admitted to tax fraud. Grant had acknowledged that in the years leading up to 1990 he had failed to disclose over $375,000 of income. He was penalized and owed between $70,000 and $120,000 in back taxes. Later the Grants tried to withdraw their earlier guilty plea. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram quoted Grant, “I teach in my ministry that a mistake is not a sin. I could not honestly plead guilty if we did not intentionally defraud anyone.”

Judge Joe Kendall criticized Grant for trying to change his previous plea, which had been submitted under oath. The judge refused to allow him to withdraw the plea. Grant’s wife, however, was permitted to withdraw her plea and will be tried later. Grant was turned over to U.S. marshals for incarceration.

When asked how people should perceive his prior conviction, Rev. Grant said, “Jesus went to prison. Over half of the New Testament was written from prison cells. Paul was in prison. And I was in the ministry way over 20 years before I went. It was on a tax charge. I felt someone falsely accused me and had it in for me.”

While 6 News taped him, Rev. Grant's film crew taped us. Grant said previous exposes accused him of bad money practices and false healing. “Well there were skeptics in Jesus' day, you know the Pharisees and Sadducees. The Bible says that Jesus heals the sick.” http://www.wate.com/Global/story.asp?S=1731068

That was Then, This is NOW

Grant had recently directed Eagles Nest church to change its name to Church of Compassion. It had transferred its property to charismatic evangelist Bishop T.D. Jakes. Grant once owned a fleet of expensive autos.   The April 14 edition of The Dallas Morning News indicated that Dallas County deed records revealed that on Feb. 14, 1996, Grant had sold three properties to T. D. Jakes Ministries. Their value, for tax purposes, was in excess of $4 million.

Grant's new website sports an emblem that has an eagle in front of the US flag with a small cross to the bottom right and its called W.V. Grant International Ministries. 

On its front page it states You are about to view the most unusual miracle ministry that has ever been. . . .Rev. W. V. Grant has the most unusual “Gift of God” in the history of mankind. Before going any further into this powerful website, to help you understand this God-Given ministry, we invite you to see the following videos which just may change your life.

The website states If you would like a prayer cloth sent to you as our “point of contact,' simply request it.

In Acts 19:ll-12 tells us that “special miracles” occurred through anointed cloths like this that the Apostle Paul sent out from his body.

Notice that the  handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick. Being an apostle God did things through him he normally would not do through others. Of course Grant (and others) neglects to notice that this is considered even an UNUSUAL miracle by the apostle Paul and none of these kinds of miracles were repeated by other apostles or Christians at any time. Paul did not put his hands on other people’s prayer cloths to get them healed, nor send them out for support of his ministry.

One person familiar with his ministry having attended his services many times wrote to us about him now being in Atlanta, Ga. area.

They stated I and my mother both saw  him call out and 'heal' the same  man twice while he was in  Boynton, Ga.  The man was recognized because of the American Flag pillow he leaned back on. We never see him work or heal anyone who is in a modified wheel chair.  The wheel chair used always looks like the same one.  And for some reason, we never see him attempt to call any one forward who is in a modified wheel chair… the type used is severe circumstances.

My mother my niece another friend, my father-in-law...Include myself also....  And all of us right before my own eyes. Healed by Rev. Grant? Of course not, but there is something to be said concerning the power of faith in Jesus.  None of our 'so called' healings lasted for more than a day or so.
she wrote that Grant called my niece  up on stage and 'lengthened' her injured leg....Or so we thought at the moment.... When she was home and held both legs out in front of her nothing was altered.... the injured leg with pins is still shorter than the other. We write this article to make you more aware of what is taking place. Be careful of whose meeting you attend and whom you donate money to.

   References from PFO article 1998 and news services


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