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Let These Prophets NOT Prophesy

Recently an article appeared in Charisma called Prophetic Movement Confronts Extremes of Suppression, Sensationalism.

What is written shows us the current trend of allowing the very things we are warned of in Scripture to take place. False prophecy that leads to apostasy is taking place without any challenge. With so many who side with the false prophets, disallowing the church to judge, they have compounded the problem to astronomical proportions.

Here is what the article stated: “The modern prophetic movement is confronting the extremes of suppression and sensationalism, while challenging the church to listen up. Just as biblical prophets often went unappreciated, many modern-day prophets face disregard and outright criticism -- both inside and outside the church.

Cindy Jacobs, author and co-founder of Generals of Intercession, argues that there is a “serious double standard” in how prophetic ministry is judged in comparison to the other fivefold gifts.

“We're so critical toward the prophetic gift, yet a pastor or teacher could get up and say the same things -- supposedly under the influence of the Holy Spirit -- in their sermons and not have any accountability for it,” Jacobs told “Ministries Today” magazine in the September/October issue, out now. The full article on modern-day prophets is featured in the magazine.

“The same excesses that have plagued the prophecy movement have affected the other gifts,” she added.

No, I disagree, these so called  prophets are NOTHING like the biblical prophets. The double standard is allowing those who are the problem to be a solution to the problem.  

Are people only reacting to excesses? No they are not, they are reacting to the false statements made in the name of God.  Unfortunately Jacobs cannot even call them false prophecies. Do we judge someone's teaching that goes far beyond Scripture differently than we do prophets? We shouldn’t and we don't. The real problem is their own made up view on prophecy and not distinguishing it from teaching. Teaching is interpreting the word through study, prophecy is a direct revelation from God, it represents his character. Prophets are not on a learning curve like teachers, prophets are to speak what God gives as pure revelation. These were the prophecies we now enjoy in Scripture.

Speaking for God about the future is more critical than just teaching because it represents God in his accuracy and it can be tested by both believer and unbeliever alike. It is God's reputation at stake when someone falsely prophesies, because is NEVER inaccurate.  Thus the very reason Jesus warned about false prophets in the end. Should we make it easier for false prophets to speak? Do we not already have a decayed standard  in various areas that have adversely affected us? 

Everyone wants to be a prophet without suffering any consequences if their prophecies are wrong. The modern prophetic movement thinks prophets can be 30-60% on their way to becoming more accurate. They are more wrong then they are right and we are supposed to listen to them as balanced voice on how treat those who are inaccurate in their prophecies and teaching! What's fair? They all should be corrected. 

Ted Haggard, pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colo., and president of the National Association of Evangelicals, counters that most charismatics and Pentecostals heartily support prophetic ministry, but are legitimately reacting to excesses unique to the prophetic movement.

“I don't think the church has rejected the prophets of our generation,” he said. “I do believe, though, that we have many false prophets who feel persecuted because they believe they are authentic -- thus the illusion that prophetic ministry is more controversial than it actually is.”

 This statement makes no sense nor brings correction to the situation. This is silliness from a man who represents a good portion of evangelicals. All things considered Haggard himself  has ties to the false apostolic and prophetic movement. At least Haggard admits there are false prophets among them, but who cares if they think they are authentic. If they are a false prophet they need to be corrected, removed from their platform to protect the sheep. Do we sacrifice the people for a mans opinion or for friendship? Haggard has supported these false prophets by hosting the prophetic conferences at his church. This is like foxes guarding the hen house. Are we supposed to take what Haggard says as a credible way or means to solve this problem. Indeed it is a problem that has long been out of hand and only getting worse. Too many have been exposed to the prophetic movement of Latter Rain teachers like Peter Wagner, Bill Hamon, Cindy Jacobs, etc.  Convinced by them, they too want to be a prophet. These men have turned out thousands and thousands of prophets, they become prophets who CAN’T prophecy accurately. What a prophetic movement!

Mike Bickle, who was pastor of Kansas City Fellowship in Kansas City, Mo., in 1990 when the ministry of several prophets in his church brought criticism from a group of charismatic pastors in the city, cautions labeling prophets as “false,” even when their predictions do not come to pass.

“The easy response is to discount a prophetic person who gets it wrong,” he said. “That's not the right response. We have the 'horrible' job called discernment.”

So if they are wrong they are still right?  Even what they speak does not come to pass we are told not to speak about it, be cautious. So then when do we speak? And who are these people that tell us to be careful when blatant false prophetic speech is consistently uttered. It's not a horrible job to discern though unpleasant as it may be, it is our spiritual duty. And what discernment do these prophets exercise? Even the true prophets spoke up against the false ones. It is the false ones that tell people not to discern. 

Today people are discouraged from testing those who claim to be  prophets. Why? This discouragement comes predominantly from those who would be the focus of that testing. It is the same ones that wrongly prophesy  that want to be immune to any criticism. So their solution, exercise NO discernment, keep silent and let it all escalate. We then fill God’s house with false prophets. Is that a solution?

Instead of false prophecy, Bickle identifies much that occurs in current prophetic circles as “soulish” or “humanly generated,” claiming that it comes from people who are genuinely sincere, but ultimately overzealous and attention-seeking (October 7, 2004 edition Church & Ministry).

Bickle is not addressing Biblical prophecy but speculations that come from their own imaginations and spirit just like Ezekiel and Jeremiah said. Does it matter what the source is? What matters if it is true or false.  If it’s still false and influencing people should we ignore it. This is a perfect example of overlooking the facts as well as the lives ruined to protect others who happen to be their false prophets friends. We are not addressing those who make one or two mistakes but a consistent prophesying that is false. What they do is downplay their false prophecies with a shrug, brush the false prophecies off as simply mistakes, to keep on going;  or speak of  “all of the good things” the false prophet does that should tilt the scales to be even.

There is no place of safety unless they stop what they are doing and reassess the harm they have brought. Best to think about what you are going to say before speaking in the name of the Lord and then to speak and try to pick up the pieces afterwards.

It's time for the church to speak up; not be silent. Why is it, we are so quick to speak on politics and social issues but not spiritual matters that harm people inside the church? Why are these men being allowed to define Christianity  and how to take care of in house problems when they are the PROBLEM! 

Matthew 24:11: “Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many” A prophetic movement…

I can't help consider that we are we being conditioned to accept something far worse than what these men and women are allowing.



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