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Rick Warren's Panacea: A Fig Leaf PEACE Plan


Why is there such controversy surrounding Rick Warren, his Purpose Driven teaching and PEACE plan? This video shows systematically what Warren has progressed into and where he is taking the church.

Borrowing from his mentor, business manager Peter Drucker, Warren implements the 3-Legged Stool into the church(uniting the sectors of government, businesses and 'faith'). Warren believes he has found the answer which will result to solve the worlds problems. He continually exposes the church to non biblical concepts and is willing to align himself with the world and those of other religions for what he deems a greater purpose. From promoting a health plan with doctors that introduce eastern type meditation’s, word faith teachers and others who espouse interfaith practices Warren has become the quintessential ecumenist for our age.

His PEACE plan is open to anyone and everyone, even atheists. For a Christian, unity has to be based on the teachings of Scripture not on uniting with others who oppose Christ to do generic good works. This is forming a globalization of Religions (he calls 'Faiths'), uniting with the secular, with political organizations, building a unity as they did in Babylon. This introduces Humanism as the common denominator for unity.

In this video we answer why Warren’s fig leaf P.E.A.C.E plan produces works without fruit and misleads the church off the narrow road we are to be on. With numerous video and audio clips in a power point presentation this is a must see for all those whose church has become involved with Warren’s teachings and methodology.







USA $20.00 (includes shipping)



Overseas   $22.00 (includes shipping)

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