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The gods of the nations- the God of Israel


This 2 part DVD goes deeper into where the indigenous people movement left off, and refutes the premise of other nations worshiping God under different names.

 Covering the book of Genesis we look at who were the obedient that worshipped God? We examine the lineage and the knowledge passed on, as well as who are the people that the apostle Paul addresses in Rom.1:20-28? Who walked with God.  What happened at Babel after the flood? Who had the true and accurate knowledge of God, why did God take Abraham out of a pagan land to form Israel?

Are there hundreds of cultures in the world who already knew or were worshiping the one and only true supreme God?  We look at the new paradigm Don Richardson and his disciple Daniel Kikawa introduced to the church and prove it is unbiblical. Many tribes and cultures of the world have ancient concepts of the existence of a “sky-god”, that go by different names. But is this the same God that we are to worship as believers in Jesus Christ? Are these nothing more than corrupted memories within hundreds of tribes and cultures that were encountered by missionaries?

Did God reveal himself to these hundreds of cultures as Richardson and Kikawa claim? Is Jesus found in other religions?  Is general revelation of God or a knowing of a supreme God in some distant past sufficient? What is the difference of general and direct revelation.

Who are some of the people teaching to use former supreme gods as the Father who sent the Son,  Io of Hawaii, Hananim of Korea, Shang ti  of China, Allah  of Islam etc. are just some of the gods accepted by some today as the same as YHWH: Yahweh.

You will see that this is a inclusive, universal god movement that is prophesied in the Bible and that this could be the greatest deception the Church has ever faced, with its goal being... to usher the entire church  into an Interfaith movement.

How this evangelization method diminishes the importance of Israel and replace her and her role with the other nations gods. This video will bring us to understand that we should not go by new philosophies or current trends in anthropology but stay within the safety of the Bible.

This DVD is accompanied with power point teaching as well as various video and audio clips. (a few audio hiccups)


1 hr and 40 minutes long

 US  $21.00 with shipping


overseas $23.00 with shipping

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