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A Law Keeper's Perspective

The law was made as a mirror for man to see how he falls short of God's standard by showing us God's perfect nature. There are those who claim they keep the law and want to condemn nearly all the rest of the church because they do not obey what they do. This becomes a matter of interpretation, the correct one verses a wrong one. The spirit of truth will uphold Jesus - who is the truth. 

The spirit of error will always change the word by adding ones own special liking and enforcing it upon others, leading them into bondage by making it a standard of their spirituality...refusing to submit to what God has revealed is true spirituality of which brings true freedom in a Christians life.

7th day Adventistís have a ďDo as I say but donít do as I doĒ policy. They want to correct everyone on a day they esteem equal to Christ, above all the commandments Christ gave (Even Love the Lord with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself). Using the Old Testament as their proof to uphold this law that was specifically given to Israel.

What determines our salvation? Jesus on the cross or what day I worship? The atonement by the blood, or by our obedience to the law? This is the crucial question to be answered. 

7th day Adventists contradict the Bible as well as themselves in that they say that Saturday (the Sabbath) is the day ordained to worship and Sunday worship is the mark of the beast. Yet they open up their doors to other churches to rent their own facilities on Sunday. If they are so concerned about Sunday worship, claiming it to be the mark of the beast they would not do this. In fact, if we think this through, they are actually promoting the mark because they are allowing it to be taken in their own sanctuary. of course they donít mind taking the money form the church, so can this be as serious an issue as they make it out to be? It proves that they canít stand on their own belief system Ė they compromise for  money.

I see 7th day churches that have the 10 commandments out on its property written in ROMAN numerals and only on one side. The Bible says it was on both sides of the tablets. They do not represent the 10 commandments right (or write). The 10 commandments were written in Hebrew, it is written in words not Roman numerals -  the Roman Catholic churches language.

Exodus 32:15: ďAnd Moses turned and went down from the mountain, and the two tablets of the Testimony were in his hand. The tablets were written on both sides; on the one side and on the other they were written.Ē They canít get this right but they condemn others for not doing what they do.

Besides all this, the 7th day Adventists do not have the tablets they display as accurate, they say the commandments was broken up into the law of man on one tablet and the law of God on the other- no it was not, the law (all 613) were all one unit and again, the 10 was written on two sides of the tablets.

They have no problem using songs from what they consider false churches (those who worship on Sunday) who they claim are part of the Roman Catholic system of the beast (evangelical Christians).

SDAís put on a prophecy seminar in March and April of every year but they wonít be upfront and tell you that it is the SDA church that is sponsoring the seminars. You donít know until you get there. Why? Because they want to convince you that worship on any other say but the Sabbath is wrong. They will not tell you they believe they are the only true, remnant church. All others will be condemned. They make your salvation dependent on observing the Sabbath (Saturday) command above all others. The Sabbath is the sign of one's sanctification; the chief test of ones loyalty to God. It identifies the remnant church and the final test that will separate those who worship God from those who worship the beast.

A number of years ago I met some 7th day Adventist pastors visiting the church I attended- on Sunday, they came to worship with us. Whatís wrong with this picture? They say we canít worship on Sunday, because itís the mark of the beast, but they can worship on that very same day WITH US!  Why? Because they worship on Saturday also...  how absurd. Does Saturday give them an immunization to Sunday!!! Is something right here or is something wrong? Where's that in the Bible. If  your going to make the mark a day (which the Bible does not) then it does not matter what other day one worships. This is why this whole concept from the false vision of E. G White is wrong and divisive.

It was Sunday when Jesus resurrected and revealed Himself as the glorified Lord to the apostles. When the apostles worshipped Jesus  on the first day of the week (Acts 2:36)- Sunday, did the apostles break the law, did they take the mark of the beast? 

Why do 7th day Adventists take Sunday off as a day of rest just like Saturday, when the command in Exodus 34:21 is "Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.Ē Do they work 6 days? This is an all engulfing command, not just to rest on the 7th day but to work for the other 6 days. So why donít they work on Sunday like they do the rest of the week? They are not only breaking the command the way it is written, they change it to suit their own man- made law from the vision of E.G. White. God worked for 6 days and rested on the seventh day - this is exactly what it means; but God rested, not worshipped. If itís rest, then they should not travel to church. How many people actually work 6 days, and not 5? They only keep part of the commandment, so they are changing the word of God just like they claim the Catholic church changed the day of worship. But they canít see what they themselves are doing in their own mirror of the law.

In His sermon on the Mount Jesus spoke of breaking the law, why did He exclude the Sabbath? Were there no Sabbath breakers? Why in the New Testament is not keeping the Sabbath day condemned as sin as Adventists claim today? Jesus was accused of breaking the Sabbath: "Therefore some of the Pharisees were saying, "This man is not from God, because He does not keep the Sabbath."..."(John 9:15). We are not to look to the Pharisees and how they held the Sabbath but the Bible (They ended up honoring her above all else calling her the queen).

Sabbath keepers pick and choose which ceremonial Laws of Moses to bind: They forbid eating the Old Testament injunction on unclean foods found in the Law of Moses, even though Christ and the apostles declared all food are clean to eat for the believer in the new covenant, (including pork) see article (Mk 7:18-19; 1 Tim 4:1-4; Rom. 14:2; Acts 10:9-16). They also bind the Mosaic system of tithing which is not a New Testament teaching on their people. Why? Because they love law over grace, they would rather be under the law then walk in the grace of God.

God spoke verbally to Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree it was punishable by death. God personally and verbally spoke to many saints from Adam to Moses giving commands on burnt offerings,  His instructions about altars,  it did not have to be written down to be obeyed (Ex 20:21-26) God verbally and personally spoke the land promise to Abraham Gen, 17:8 4. God verbally and personally spoke the law of circumcision to Abraham Gen 17:10. The law keepers wanted the church to keep this in the book of Galatians So why are these no longer in affect?

Moses was told to keep the law that was spoken by God. God did not distinguish His law from what He spoke and what He wrote, Israel was told to obey all of it. Lev 10:11 ďand that you may teach the children of Israel all the statutes which the LORD has spoken to them by the hand of Moses.Ē I Kings 2:3: ďAnd keep the charge of the LORD your God: to walk in His ways, to keep His statutes, His commandments, His judgments, and His testimonies, as it is written in the Law of Moses, that you may prosper in all that you do and wherever you turnĒ The law of Moses contained all 613 laws not just 10. In fact, there were more severe penalties for the laws that were not in the 10 but the ones spoken. Why?

If the 10 commandments written by Godís finger are greater than all the other other commandments in Moses' law (603 other commands),  then according to their own belief system they would supercede all the New Testament which God did not write by His own hand,  (they were written by the apostles). The Bible says all Scripture is equally inspired, not some portions are more inspired. 

SDA's claim they are Christians and that we, who do not hold to the Sabbath command are Christian too. But if we are Christian, why are they trying so hard to convert us to their denominational beliefs? Because of Ellen G. White's vision. This is where their Sabbath teaching sprung from, a vision, not the Bible. Everything is reinterpreted in the Bible by her vision. While many of them claim they no longer hold to her teachings as they used to, they in fact must discard the Sabbath they now hold to prove this to be so.

When the 10 commandment quoted in the New Testament and this makes them still applicable for us today then when Peter quotes the law of Moses in 1 Pt.1:16 this obligates us to the ceremonial laws as well 2 Cor. 9:7.

They claim because the New Testament quotes several of the 10 commandments which proves that all 10 are to be practiced today including the Sabbath. If we accept this kind of argument - what of the disciples keeping the feast days mentioned after the cross in the New Covenant. The disciples also kept Pentecost Acts 2:1 after Jesus resurrected. 

They say Paul kept the Sabbath yet we also see that Paul kept the feast days (Acts 18:21; 20:16). The days of unleavened bread ( Acts 12:3; 20:6 3).the Days of Purification ( Acts 21:26 4). Animal Sacrifices (Acts 21:26 5). Circumcision (Acts 16:3 6) Temple worship. 

When was the last time you saw a 7th day Adventist stone someone to death for not keeping the Sabbath. If the 7th day is to be kept, one must also keep the punishment for not obeying it. That is the law.


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