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sample audios

Walter Martin's warning

Atheist tape

Kenneth Copeland

God was the biggest failure

Adam was God in the flesh

you are a God

Millions of Muslims will be saved- Islam would be destroyed in a few months (2001)

Adam made the animals

Creflo Dollar

Adam gave life to the animals

My spirit is just like Gods

say to Satan "I am the lord thy God"

Jesse Duplantis

The lord told Jesse he was not feeling well

Benny Hinn

Jesus was born again

Adam was a super being

Rodney Browne

I'm the holy Ghost bartender

Bill Hamon

 the movements - the army of the Lord that brings the kingdom

William Branham

Trinity is of the devil

T.D Jakes

 denies Trinity

Toronto/ Vineyard

they were drunk on Pentecost

growling- I will rescue my children

New age

witch describing how we all want to be god

Benjamen Creme describes the new age concept of the Christ



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