The Climb to Base camp and beyond pt.2

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The Climb to Base camp and beyond pt.2

Peter Wagner writes, “a few brief quotes from Ana's report, written in mid-October, will suffice: “God spoke to us that He was going to release judgment upon the iniquity and over the false religious systems of the world. He said that he was going to bring down the foundations of 'Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots.' [This is the Queen of Heaven. The ancient name of Everest is Sagarmata, meaning “Mother of the Universe.”] (Memorandum, Addendum No. 1: The Role of Operation Ice Castle).

The DVD account (Mount Everest Expedition/Operation Ice Castle)

On the DVD Ana says: “Along the way we climb up the high summits to cease the altars to important divinities. We set out flags bearing bible verses like the little flags the Buddhists use to pray to the gods.” (Shows her on a peak above a village praying). As the prophet as Habukuk says you pierce the head of your enemies with your own arrows. (Hab. 3:14 is taken out of context) “Or like Jeremiah referring to Babylon your banners have been burned (Jeremiah doesn’t say this). Ana says, “This is why we burn their flags prophesying the end of Buddhism” (shows them burning them in the cabin).

We see on the DVD (Rony Chavez) praying at a Tibetan monastery, “I prophesy that the diabolical veil that is over these mountains is pierced through and I declare the fall of the enemy of these mountains and this land, … Let him be chained and bound that the power of God come now over the enemy over kings over principalities and over rulers. Let judgment now be decreed. All covenants are abolished, all magic formulas are dried up, all mantras are destroyed. All incantations over this nation, I declare them annulled… let from this spot which has been transformed into a war tower we now sound the command let the powers of Buddhism be bound.”

In reality, from when he spoke this till now nothing has changed, he had no effect.

What becomes confusing on the DVD is early on in their hike up to the base camp we see on the screen the time date, Sept. 25, 1997 (which is when their expedition would have been  completed; it does not make sense). Ana's group appears to be seen in a large green valley with sherpas walking up with numerous yaks, while 8 people are not going up. This is the only time we see this many yaks. The yaks are needed to carry the supplies up the mountain.

On the DVD Rony Chavez states, “The veil of darkness that covers this nation as well as the world will be torn apart. The influences of Babylon powers will fall, a new wave of evangelism will flow forth as well as an extraordinary global harvest We know in the days to come you will also will be encouraged to organize pray towers and prayer walks to liberate your cities.”

This same ineffective method they used in an attempt to take down Satan’s kingdom they are promoting for others to use to deliver their cities. Throughout the DVD they prophesy the destruction of Babylon and the Queen of Heaven as the result of their hike and prophetic acts.

Ana: “Arriving to base camp was very painful and difficult. The power of the enemy manifested itself through a strong spirit of death. Pastor Rony Chavez and I had our strength as if it were drained as if by a vampire. We reached the camp only after great difficulties and through much prayer.” Authors note: It is a strenuous hike to get to base camp but nowhere near as dangerous or exhausting like climbing Everest).

DVD - Ana: “First day at base camp Greg is in serious condition we had to place him in an decompression unit. The doctor says “Greg showed the symptoms of a cerebal edema.” …. What we are doing with the decompression unit is simulating the atmospheric pressure at a lower altitude.” (this is often what happens when the time acclimatize is neglected; remember they hiked 8-10 hours a day and arrived in a week) Ana says in the beginning of the DVD “We had to climb with oxygen tanks especially made for high altitude” but where was the oxygen for Greg when he was climbing?  He had to have been showing signs of dizziness along the way.

After a snow storm that night, the next morning, Ana states: ‘We have surrounded the camp with Bible verses (on string) thus marking our territory we have also set up what we call our meeting tabernacle.”

As they gathered inside the tent at base camp an English prayer is translated into Spanish. The speaker says: “how glorious of our God to use such simple items” and says “this is rhema. “This is the rhema of God. A Bible out of a hotel, little dagers, small flags, a dollar, lord this map - all these things that man would look at and laugh, you say use with the power of God, so God we want to declare these are not simple items, these are the anointed weapons of God.” (They start touching the items)... so now little flags, dagers and dollar bill are ANOINTED – WEAPONS of God; Really! Is this what they were told to fight the Devil with?

Same man says: “…God is saying today I believe this is rhema from the Lord… “this is what I say, this is the advancing kingdom these are forceful men and women who are willing to go up the mountain tops … they are willing to forcefully advance the kingdom of God.”

Forcefully is the key word, as this is about aggressive action, using an us against them mentality.

Rony Chavez  has another man translate his vision into English, “ he is sitting over the mountain and his face has no form – he is like, you can only see the light and this person is sitting on the top of the mountain and this person (undiscernable) is down, he’s down, he’s fallen, Babylon the great is fallen, Babylon the great … says today, says the spirit… tell, tell it from the rooftops, from the mountains, the valleys. Speak, proclaim it … he is fallen, he is fallen Babylon the Great” (so Rony Chavez attributes the Holy Spirit as saying something that contradicts the Bible)

Ana says “we are about to go out and cut the throat of the great beast – we living in very important days in history. The entire warfare team is here and is preparing for the great battle directed this morning by the general Rony Chavez.”  

But why do this if Rony has already claimed he is fallen, Babylon the great is fallen:, wouldn't the mission be completed and over?

This has their Holy Spirit giving a contradictory revelation, for the Bible explains the true way Babylon will fall and it is not by a prayer team sent to Mt. Everest, Babylon is not on Everest, and one does not cut the throat of the beast, not even God. This is grandstanding speaking foolishness.

Chavez prays, “Father we call upon you, angels of heaven and witnesses of our living God present in this place, raise your songs to the living God because it is the hour designated by the Holy Spirit for the fall of the beast of the dragon with 7 heads that sits on the mountains and influences the nations of the earth. It is the hour for the fall of Babylon the greatThe great prostitute, mother of all the abominations of the earth and the fall of the dragon. In the name of Jesus we declare this act is firm, it is valid and nothing can annul it because it has proceeded from the mouth of the almighty  it is a word that comes from the throne of God. The decree is sealed with the seal of the Holy Spirit.” Underline mine.

(Chavez is taking the Lords name in vain. Then he has God contradict his own word because this is not the hour, it is still a future event. He emphasizes this false prophecy by stating the decree is sealed with the seal of the Holy Spirit). They continually are taking the lords name in vain by attributing their own view and words as being from the Holy Spirit. If what they say is true then God is contradicting his own word.

Peter Wagner writes of a specific action: “This prophetic act, as well as others, was recorded on video tape” (p.37 “Confronting the Queen of Heaven”). That's right, in fact the DVD has some very disturbing and revealing activities about their mission, their statements, pronouncements and what they claim was accomplished from it are documented in this expose.

What they call prophetic acts that are done throughout their hike becomes intensely eerie and strange as the filming progresses. What we see being practiced is not what we would call Christianity. It is at this point they have several enactments of a spirit battle that make anybody who is a Bible believing Christian embarrassed.

Chavez reads Rev.17:1-6 ‘one of the angels that had the 7 bowls came and said to me, come I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute who sits on many waters with her the kings of the earth committed adultery .., ends with “ the blood of those that bore testimony with Jesus.”

He says we are going to pray and anoint the flags with olive oil. “Then we will cut the ties and release the flags that represent the tens of countries not here, they will enter into freedom and into an unprecedented revival.”

He pours the oil on the flag praying: “Father we pour this oil on his flag in the name of Jesus as symbol of the anointing of the Holy Spirit” and declares I loose all the bounds over this nation and the nations of the earth and I prophesy revival over them. Let them mount up as eagles free in the flow of the spirit… I prophecy that there will be among those nations they will be touched in the coming months in the coming years, Nepal, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, England” etc. (this is 13 years later, where is the great revival he spoke into existence?)

Rony Chavez says, “the angel that has appeared in my dream has told me the dragon has 7 heads and that he must be wounded at the neck, each has a head seated on a different mountain.”

The DVD Video shows him at a certain cave dug in the mountain, stating, “After having thrust the dager into the ground I took the sword with a firm hand and struck seven blows in the air as the lord has shown me, he has said to me cut his throat as you would cut the throat of a tree I could feel where the sword penetrated and cut with force but I didn’t not look. At the 7th blow I felt as If I cut the throat of gigantic giraffe.”

Holds the sword (which is a 6 -8 inch dager) in the air saying, “this is a representation of the church in its humanity as Jesus Christ was on the earth and by which we have the victory… As I have said before I thrust the dager deep into the ground, ” (plunges the dager into the ground) deep, so that the wound in your throat and in your neck will be firm and will powerful.”

“As the lord said in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, as a prophet sent by God unto the nations I release now the word and proclaim it is done, The beast and the dragon are wounded in the name of Jesus, son of the living God.”

Chavez holds the dager into the air and says, “Satan here is the sword God has placed within my hands and I will strike you so hard by the spirit that you will know, that you will know, that you will know that your kingdom has fallen” I will do It by Jehovah and by Jesus.”

It is these actions that need to be seen on the DVD to understand just how disturbing they really are. Does not the apostle Paul say, “Thus I fight: not as one who beats the air” (1 Cor. 9:26),  exactly what the apostle Paul says not to do, Chavez is doing.

Rony Chavez then says: “Now I prophesy that the beast receives his blow (he starts swinging a large knife) and repeats three times “Now by Jehovah, by Jesus. Satan be destroyed, amen. Fall now, your kingdom has fallen –I prophesy that your kingdom has fallen” (Ana is yelling out in tongues). To prophesy means something is going to happen not something that has happened. He has stated it has fallen.

Ana starts screaming and pointing at the cave entrance and says, “because Satan and his beast have fallen. Noise and tumult in the heavens because the angel Michael has come forth with a sword of God in order to bring retribution for iniquity, noise in the heavens, noise over the armies of the earth because the eternal God has risen up in judgment, thus sayeth the Lord (another man starts blowing a shofar).” Ana continues exhausting herself.

Because of their actions they believe the arch angel Michael is sent in judgment, having the sword of the Lord, whatever that is to them.

Think of what they are doing and saying. By stabbing the air and the ground, Satan, the beast and his kingdom are conquered! Really, have they? They destroyed Satan by their own physical hands which they think has affected the spiritual realm. This shows how ignorant these self proclaimed prophets are of the Scripture. If they understood the scripture correctly they would not have gone on this expedition. Ana says it is God that said he has risen up in judgment. Really, is that what happened? Lets test their words by going to the Bible to see if it agrees.

The only time we hear of Michael fighting like this in Scripture is in the tribulation period, which is in the future. Rev. 12:7-9: “And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

Michael defeats them in heaven and they are sent to earth, not removed from the earth. Satan’s kingdom thrives for a short time until Jesus returns (Rev.12:12). But Ana claims they are cleansing the earth of him, So how did Ana Mendez or Rony Chavez remove him? If they destroyed him and his throne then where did he go. To another mountain? Because He is still here. Where does the Bible teach that Satan resides in a geographical area on earth? The Bible says he is the ruler in the air (Eph.2:2).

The Video switches to a different place where we find Ana on her knees by a large crevasse. Saying, “Father in this hour I humble myself before you representing a prostitute, Lord I represent all human beings who like a prostitute have fornicated against the sovereign God, Father, we have drunk of the wine of the wrath of the fornication of the great harlot.

“That is why I am dressed this way. My pants are black symbolizing the sinful nature. And my steps that are strayed in the direction of fornication against you sovereign God, and my red garment surrounding my heart and my head represent the blood of the lamb who washed me. Now lord I ask your forgiveness for all this spiritual fornication of the earth.”

This is another grandiose statement and act. So now Ana is acting as a mediator, like Jesus is for everyone on earth. Really? This is a very serious act as it directly challenges Scripture. Her act has NO spiritual value, because the Bible says there is only ONE mediator between God and man (1 Tim.2:5). People (each individual) must ask God on their own for forgiveness.  I don't know how much commentary is necessary for people to see how wrong their statements and actions are.

She then climbs down a small trail overlooking the large crevasse which she claims is the throat of the beast. She throws a flag or book down it and yells and claps. Its as if one is watching an eerie comedy but they really believe their actions are accomplishing what they say.

The DVD then has them at base camp, Ana states: “ in the morning the temperature fell – to minus 5 decrees Fahrenheit and the tents froze both inside and out. When coming out of the tents we had to pay close attention to where we walked because during the frigid night crevasses have opened around the tents.

It shows them hiking. Ana states, “We have arrived at the heart of Sagamarta[?] which is considered the goddess mother of the whole universe.” (authors note: it was 5 below in the morn but one of them is seen wearing a short sleeve shirt), we see no condensation coming from their mouths in the cold, 45°F the dew point. Wind chill also matters. For example 25°F with a 15 mph wind makes it 13 °F. (Their climbing in the fall season makes wearing short sleeves questionable.) In the fall the temperatures will not usually be above 35° and are usually 0° at night.,part2Dec172004.shtml

Ana states,  “it is there that a large part of the force of the queen of heaven is seated – we are at the heart of the ice castle where the devil has established the mountain of battle(?) as well as the entire spiritual system (ed. says who? where does she get this from, not God's word) governed by the queen of heaven and sent out across all the nations of the earth.”

Ana claims, “what we are about to do is a symbolic act, a prophetic act and perhaps something new for many of you. It is important that you understand that the symbolism does not have its roots in witchcraft as many think but it has a divine origin”, and goes on to explain it, starting with Adam and Eve being covered in animal skins..

This is completely distorting the meaning of the Scriptures teaching on binding and loosing. This act cannot be instructed by the Holy Spirit because it contradicts God’s word, and their actions do numerous times. Why is Ana doing this when it was allegedly done by Rony Chavez, he had stated the Devils kingdom has fallen before all this?

Ana then points to what appears to be a natural formation of rock covered with snow ands says, “it consists of two rocks set up parallel to one another. It is what was used in primitive times to attract occult powers to the earth,” the first worship ever addressed to the goddess’ mother to whole universe was offered up in a place like this. The powers of the goddess mother came forth from such a monument and spread out across the entire earth.”

She says that nature carved the image of the mother goddess a virtual image that she is going to destroy accordingly to the prophecy in Jeremiah 50 and 51. (please read these chapters to see what she is actually stating, to see if this is really what happened).

She then starts chipping away at it with her ice pick as if she is destroying the queen and says, “I am against you oh destroying mountain, you who destroy the whole earth declares the lord. I will stretch out my hand against you” (notice that she says I will, as if she is the hand of God) ... She prophesies, “no rock will be taken from you for a cornerstone or any rock for a foundation you will be desolate forever declares the lord.” She chips away at a small  ice formation located underneath it. There is a woman screaming loudly in the background the whole time. After she takes away about a foot of ice from underneath she raises her hands in victory. This is a completely useless exercise but she thinks believes this is fulfilling Jer. 50 and 51.

Chavez pours oil into the running water beside him as a woman continues to pray in Spanish intensely. Another person drops a book in the running stream. Ana is seen swinging an ice axe type tool around her, saying “the lord led us to perform specific prophetic acts such as marking out the territory in flags directing altars from the top of the world (another of them is seen marching around in a circle some rocks and spreading the name of God everywhere, they carve Jesus lives in the snow mountainside on several occasions). She says “on several occasions we were able to see angels around us.”

And she comments “during this time at the base camp the spiritual battles continued to provoke violent storms.”

Apparently Ana does not think these storms on Everest are a natural occurrence at this season every year, everything to her is of the devil.

The DVD switches to the Everest hotel where they are doing the same type of praying, waving flags, sounding the shofar: “Prayer teams directed by Doris Wagner and Silvia Vanezueala continue the spiritual warfare … in spite of the intense cold some of the praying team read the bible aloud prophetically decreeing that the word was going to cover the whole earth from the top of the world.” If it was this cold nearly a mile below how is it that we see others in short sleeves at the base camp?

The DVD shows the Everest Mountain and Ana narrating says it is a very special morning. She makes the clouds into a spiritual battle by saying, “there are angels all over the sky”, “as if swords are forming in the mountains.” Her Imaginary warfare produces images in the clouds and rocks to her. “A splendor coming out of the north is beginning to emerge behind Mt. Everest” that might be described as a strange and marvelous fire coming to crown the mountain. “Everest is clearly marked by an eclipse, we can sense special presence as if the illuminated clouds were full of angels.” “The light that we see comes from the north side yet it is not the sun.”

She attributes the weather change from the result of their spirit warfare. Are we to believe that Ana has captured the shekinah glory of God on video? I’m sure those who frequent Everest would tell you that the weather phenomenon can do strange things that look spectacular, but then, one can have their imagination run away from them.

Ana then states, “God is showing us the spiritual mountain (with dramatic music in the background). “It as if God was seated in the high place of the earth in order to govern in order to reign and to conquer. The royal eagle has formed in the sky” (not recognizable as such on the DVD) “it is as if God is making a sculpture of the battle that he has begun to wage in the heavens.”

What exactly does an eagle have to do with anything? (except for an emblem of the prophetic movement) .

Has God come down to earth before his appointed time on this mountain instead of Jerusalem?  It seems that nearly everything to Ana has some greater spiritual meaning.

Taking the Queens throne

They took this trip to do what exactly? They state: to declare the judgment of God on the whore of Babylon so that God would bring down the false religions of the world. We are told that God sent a prayer team to climb Mt. Everest to take the Queen’s throne by prophetic acts, to bring down the foundations of ‘Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots.’ This is their goal, the mission they are to accomplish. If they succeed it certainly would change the world; that is if any of this were real!

From the base camp upward to the Ice Falls

Ana states in Wagner’s Memorandum: “After five days of prayer, on September 22, 1997, an incredible climbing anointing came over the team, and God led us through the Ice Fall, the most difficult, dangerous, and technically exacting part of the Everest ascent, with no guide but Him and no help other than from His angels.” No guide; in other words they have nobody outside their own group to validate their claims.

On the DVD Ana states “The commander in chief has summoned us to the great battle against of the queen of heaven and against foundations of Babylon. The route to climb is the one marked out by the Holy Spirit, with no other ability but his anointing upon us (the DVD shows a clip of someone climbing down a trail already forged?)

“… we are left by opening a new path in the most dangerous part in Mt. Everest, the ice fall.” So they went off the trail in the most dangerous part - the ice fall? Really. The DVD then shows people from a distance climbing without ropes.

What expedition led by an amateur goes without guides on Everest? She may claim to have God and angels guiding them but this would not be acceptable to those at the base camp or for those who issue the permits. Would they allow you leave the base camp with no guide the first time on the mountain to climb in the most dangerous place there?

Encarta Encyclopedia states “Another hazard facing Everest climbers is the famous Khumbu icefall, which is located not far above Base Camp and is caused by the rapid movement of the Khumbu glacier over the steep rock underneath. …Many people have died in this area. Exposed crevasses may be easy to avoid, but those buried under snow can form treacherous snow bridges through which unwary climbers can fall.”

It take at least 6 hours to get through the ice falls to camp 1 to rest, “It is a grueling and relentless climb” (narrator on Vanguard, Current TV broadcasted first week of November special on Everest).

From what we have heard from hikers in the off season climb (September) the ladders (20-25 foot metal ladders) and ropes that are fixed over the crevasses are removed. She would have needed to bring her own ropes and ladders and taken time to install them for her climb through treacherous ice falls, this would make the climb slower. World class climbers say sherpas are essential for ones safety. We saw no ladders being carried on the DVD.

There are four camps above Base Camp; these camps give the climbers an opportunity to rest and acclimate to the high altitude. The base camp at Mt. Everest is at 17, 338 (not 18,000 feet as Ana Mendez/ Wagner states in their article). Again, Everest is a slow and steady climb through the Khumbu Ice falls to base one located at near 20,000 ft.

These pages show the ladders needed to be put over the crevasse:

Ana, a amateur climber says she led a team of novices through the Khumbu icefall, which is a melting shifting ice glacier. Which is fraught with danger, a precarious walk even for professional climbers. You have no room for mistakes or you will fall into crevasses 50, 100 ft. or more.

DVD, “We are in the midst of the ice fall it is an area of crevasse where many hikers have lost their lives.”We have to cross this area before arriving to what will culminate in the battle against the great harlot.” Only one person is seen carrying rope and they have no ladders. He is leading them up the mountain (it is not Ana or Rony).

Video shows the date Sept. 22 1997: “The difficulty approaching this part where the Babylon figure is to be found.” Video zooms in on the rock formation they are to climb up to by scaling a near straight up cliff that appears to be over 100 feet. Ana says, “the way is very difficult because there are crevasses, precipice and blocks of ice that we have to cross.” (the DVD again shows one of them in short sleeves).

We see them at a crevasse that is 6 ft. wide at a certain point, Ana says, “we are analyzing the crevasse to see where the best way to cross is,” they are then seen jumping over a small two foot section of the crevasse (this is hardly what the Khumbu ice falls are like). They have no ladders with them, no oxygen tanks being carried, they are not using ropes as they go through the ice falls. Again, only one person is seen with the same rope around him. We now see two climbers in short sleeves (remember it was 5 below in the morning).

Read the narrative on climbing through the ice falls

To get an accurate idea of what takes place, here are pictures of the ladders climbers carry to journey with through the ice falls

Wagner’s Memorandum Ana writes: “After many hours of crossing crevasses and climbing ice walls, we were about to reach the point where we had located the seat of the Queen of Heaven. At that moment the fury of the devil was unleashed and a huge avalanche broke loose above us, sending megatons of ice and snow crashing our way. At the last moment a huge crevasse in front of us swallowed up the avalanche, saved our lives, and we only had to deal with the [life threatening] resulting cloud of ice for about ten minutes.”

Ana states the Devil caused an avalanche: facts on avalanches

On the DVD a huge avalanche is seen filmed close up with what appears to be a different camera on a different terrain INSERTED into their footage. The same rumbling sound continues into their footage. It shows one of them nearby just watching over the crevasse where the avalanche is going into from above them, it is off to their side (you don’t just stand there near a threatening avalanche). The same sound of rumbling is still being heard after it has stopped (it isn’t that large of an avalanche, it looks like a snow slide that daily occurs on the mountain). Ana says “we have just witnessed a terrible avalanche it is as if the whole side of the mountain has tumbled down.” Michael one of the hikers is sitting down covering himself over the head but there is no dust cloud seen to be concerned with, (and he is in short sleeves).

Wagner Memorandum, Ana states: We continued toward our goal, and when we arrived we took the throne that the Lord had showed us, prophesying against the powers of darkness and declaring the judgment of God on the whore of Babylon and the false religions of the world.”

Ana explains: “Our assignment from God was to take down the foundations of The Great Babylon, the harlot over many waters, who supported the false systems of the world. God clearly showed us where we should go for our main prophetic act by revealing a large, brown stone formation, completely surrounded by walls of ice resembling a castle and shaped exactly like an idol of the Queen of Heaven! This seat of the Mother of the Universe was 20,000 feet high, and to get there we had to cross the ice fall, the most dangerous part of the Everest ascent, with no guide but Him and no help from anyone else other than the angels.” Underline (C. Peter Wagner, Confronting the Queen of Heaven, Colorado Springs, Wagner Publications, 2001. p.51)

Here in the DVD we see the only footage of them climbing with a rope, it focuses on a woman close up who is not Ana (may be one of the others).

Ana: “We have reached the throne of the Queen of heaven and the Babylon powers while we are drawing up a decree of her destruction (writing on the snow at the bottom of the rock) “We could feel an energy that is even affecting the camera.” The shot changes and the cameras interference is no longer seen (the camera probably was low in batteries that needed to be changed; not a supernatural energy).

A man says, “As representative of England and the United kingdom I repent for having given place to all these demonic powers I renounce this rite over this type of [undistinguishable word] and I give it to you lord.”

(there are 4 people with Ana) Ana declares: “in the powerful name of Jesus we take this symbolic rock as a representation of the queen of heaven. As a figure of the demon involved as the queen of heaven. Like the Babylon the great as a symbol of the Babylon structure over the governments of the world.” (As she lays her hand on the mountain where she wrote ) “Father in this very moment we ask you to come against her and that your prophetic decrees be accomplished in the name of Jesus. They all say along with Ana “Babylon the great whore has been captured - the great prostitute has fallen. We take this stone as a symbol of every sculpted image on the face of the earth, a symbol of the queen of heaven and the Babylon structure, in the name of Jesus we declare the children of the living God that just as this stone is pulled apart even so the great prostitute is fallen says the Lord Almighty.” (throws her small stone into the ground).

Did God say this? This is something that continually occurs with the group, using his name –attributing what they are saying to God. How can it be God if it contradicts the Bible, his own word?

In between their prayer yelling in Spanish, they zoom into the area they climbed from another cliff. The camera is back on Ana who says: “Father we know take this book in which all the names of the queen of heaven are written.” Praying, ‘and in the same way that this book is destroyed (Rips up the book, others ripping books) the Queen of heaven and all her deceptive representations are also destroyed in the name of Jesus.’

Narrator translating: “Lord I ask you forgiveness for all the people in the world and particularly for those in the 10/40 window we ask today that all the eyes of the blind be open and that they may see you glory lord and that they may praise you and bless you.” Another woman prays, “In the name of Jesus according to the word in Isa.25 we decree that the veil of darkness that covers this whole area is hereby annihilated, we tear this veil of darkness and decree the nations shall come to the light in the name of Jesus (she rips a garment in half). [Isa.25 has no reference to this at all]

“We have raised a flag on a high mountain, we have come from distant lands (shows it placed at the queen rock formation ) as instruments of your wrath to bring down the power of the Queen of heaven. They pray, “Father we prophetically decree this mountain to represent Mount Zion.”

“We place this rod as Aaron’s rod that budded in the name of Jesus. We place this tallit as a symbol of the divine authority of the Lord of hosts to consecrate this mountain. “We place this menorah, symbol of the holy Spirit so that the light of the Holy Spirit, the light of Christ will shine and so that rivers of oil will flow from this mountain unto all the nations and bring with it all the truth of the gospel.” She repeats this prayer and places a small torah as a symbol of the word engraved on the high places of the mountain, we place it here lord so that your word will go forth and enlighten all the nations.

She places a New Testament “to proclaim the second coming of Christ for all the nations. As a symbol of the salvation of over 4 million people who were captives by Babylon, and now who today have been freed in the name of Jesus.” Then places a flag and says “we establish here in the name of God … yashua ha mashiak, ruah kodesh,… we establish God at the top of the world. And over the nations of the earth: amen.” underline mine

Ana then says: “The high places of the earth have been consecrated to Jesus Christ” (Video shows a man on a snow mountain peak blowing the shofar).

Really? Why is there still false worship being practiced in this area and everywhere alse on the earth? How can anyone think that what they did on this mountain consecrated it. She freed everybody by what they did? Does not the Bible say it is the Son that sets people free (Jn 8:32, 36). By believing in him. The mountain represents Mount Zion? They establish God on the mountain and over the nations of the earth: is God now going to sit on the mountain like the Queen they supposedly defeated? Is the veil of darkness ripped because they decreed it and ripped a garment? This is all a work of the flesh, combining the scripture with their own imagination that has no prophetic consequence. God has not commanded anybody to do any of this. His command is to spread the gospel by speaking to people, that is what Jesus left us with. Clearly this is Anti-gospel activity that replaces it with a counterfeit solution.

pt.3 the result- the judgment - Babylon is fallen


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