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Todd Bentley's Beliefs


Bentley has hung around the wrong people for so long that he is unable to distinguish truth from error, right from wrong.

Bentley had a vision of Sundar Singh – which greatly influenced him.

On Fresh fire website- Todd saw the Glory Cloud of Revelation… that is, the cloud that is the fullness of the Holy Spirit, the seven Spirits of God. The Lord also showed Todd in the vision, an old Punjabi sadhu (holy man), by the name of Sundar Singh, who lived in India and evangelized throughout the world over a hundred years ago. The Holy Spirit spoke to Todd about a new release of prophetic revelation coming… Todd examines the significance of Sundar Singh in his vision as an example of the extraordinary relationship God wants us to have with Him. It’s a wonderful life of devotion, humility, daily discipline, worship and contemplative prayer that calls us daily to soak in and seek God’s manifest presence. (emphasis added)

This is what he saw:
" a vision, the Glory Cloud of Revelation descending upon the church. It was also during this time of prayer that God took me in a vision to what I believed to be the
Himalayan Mountains. I saw an Indian man with a turban on his head and heard the whisper of the Spirit say, "This is Sundar Singh. I am releasing anointing of revelation like this." I had no communication with this old saint, nor did he say anything to me. The experience lasted only a moment...."

According to a biographer of Sundar Singh,  (1829-1929). Singh spent much of his Christian life in deep trance-like states communicating with spiritual beings:

We know he had long hours of meditation ... Also he had days of silence.... One day ... he was in the woods praying.... Suddenly his spiritual eyes were opened and he saw the glories of the spirit world. After that he had visions from time to time. Later on the visions came as often as ten or twelve times a month and he then had long talks with the beings of that world.

Todd Bentley and Contemplative Meditation

Sundar Singh's Beliefs was that of Universalism and gnosticism: However bad and evil-living a man may be, there is in man's nature a divine spark ... this spark of the divine is never extinguished ... If this divine spark or element cannot be destroyed, then we can never be hopeless for any sinner... The Creator Himself will not destroy it (man's soul)... even though many wander and go astray in the end, they will return to Him in Whose image they have been created; for this is their final destination. (from his book, Meditations on Various Aspects of the Spiritual Life in the chapter "Finally All Men Will Return to God – posted on

Bentley like so many other 3rd wave teachers have been influenced by the teachings of Benny Hinn

“Todd had not been spiritually born into, or grown up in a religious church environment. The first Christian book he had read was “Good Morning Holy Spirit” by Benny Hinn. Therefore, Todd did not realize that praying and soaking in the Holy Spirit many hours a day was unusual. Like Benny Hinn, as a newborn Christian, Todd had learned that extended times of intimacy with the Lord was normal Christian living.”
How We Began (

“Let me give you a little background. I was impacted years ago, and first introduced to this kind of intimacy, through the ministries of Benny Hinn and Kathryn Kuhlman. They opened the way for me to go beyond the power of God’s Spirit, the gifts or any kind of experience like the baptism of the Holy Spirit.” (Todd Bentley Fresh Fire or False Fire? -

This influence of Benny Hinn along With Branham, along with Bob Jones should explain much to the discerning Christian who does not want to participate in deception.

There's going to be a dawning of a new day where the morning star is going to rise in the church and it's going to bring a dimension of healing revival in His wings. A healing shadow will fall on whole cities and the atmosphere will heal people. This canopy of the Lord will come down on a whole church service and every person will be healed. Its Acts 5 - sick on beds and couches lying in the streets of Jerusalem waiting for the shadow of Peter to pass by. But it wasn't the shadow of Peter. The same word shadow was used when scripture speaks of the Holy Spirit coming upon Mary with power from on high  "the Holy Spirit will overshadow you". LIVING IN THE SUPERNATURALBy Todd Bentley

Mr. Bentleys originality is lacking as Benny Hinn has been saying this for years. In fact nearly everything hinn has said about angels and visits from heaven Bentley has topped. One only needs to make up their mind who is the bigger story teller

“The Holy Spirit continued to rest on and strengthen Him until His death, and Jesus' created body died when the Holy Ghost left. The Bible tells us that while Jesus was on the cross God forsook Him (Matthew 27:46), or the Spirit of God left Him. Then Jesus said, "It is finished" (John 19:30), He "gave up the ghost," and died. When the Spirit of God left, creation died. It's the same for us; the Bible also tells us that when God takes away the Spirit, or when He takes away the breath, man returns to the dust (Psalm 104:29).

But the Holy Spirit didn't leave Jesus in the tomb. Scripture speaks of "the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead" (Romans 8:11a). Jesus wasn't just raised from the dead. A creative miracle of regeneration and resurrection was released into His body by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was a creative miracle because His organs were damaged and His flesh was shredded from the beatings He endured. After three days He was decomposing.

This event wasn't just a resurrection; it involved a series of creative miracles. The power of the Spirit restored torn flesh and released life back into dead organs. It was the same power of the Holy Ghost involved in the creation of the heavens and the earth. "CREATIVE MIRACLES" by Todd Bentley Fresh Fire Ministries

hen how did Jesus dismiss his spirit (that was God)  the Spirit of God left Him is a oneness teaching and even taught by word faith teachers ( this is why Jesus went to hell to continue to purchase our salvation by being tortured by demons).

Acts 2:27 and Acts 13:35 tells us that God would not allow Jesus body to decay, or see corruption so he is in contradiction to the word of God itself.

Peter 3:18 states, “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened (made alive) by the Spirit.” This means He died in the body, He was “put to death in the flesh,” not the spirit. The spirit of Christ did not die; His flesh did and it was His flesh that was made alive again, resurrected. Christ died in body only (put to death in the sphere of the flesh) and continued to exist in spirit, just as He did before He came to earth. His existence in His earthly life ended but He continued His life existing in the spirit inside the earth, in Hades, before He resurrected. 1 Peter 3:19-20: “By whom also He went and preached to the spirits in prison, who formerly were disobedient, when once the divine longsuffering waited in the days of Noah...” This event occurred between Christ’s death and resurrection. Jesus went to those who were believers and presented his victory at the cross. He also went to those that were incarcerated from the time of the flood. The word for “preach” is Kerysso in Greek, meaning to proclaim or announce (judgment).

The bible teaches us that Jesus was alive in the spirit not dead returning to dust. He was God, can God die? Bentley has himself wrapped around heresy on this and needs to correct this. Jesus was not resurrected by only the Holy ghost as Bentley puts it, The Father was involved as well as the Jesus (the Son). he said he would resurrect himself Jn.2.

He was not decomposing- the Bible tells us this in Acts 2 This is teachings of the cults

Apparently Fresh fire means new changes to a core doctrine of the faith.

Books by Todd Bentley “Soaking in the Secret Place.” “Marinating” In this recording you will hear Todd speaking powerful soaking prayers over inspiring instrumental sounds and sweet female vocals. .. This CD is recorded for those who want to be saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit and whose hearts long for deep intimacy with Jesus.”

This is the language that came from the unbiblical practices of the Toronto. The Bible does not have any teaching on soaking, but the new age movement does.

This presence is so powerful that it finds itself captured on inanimate objects “The tangible presence and anointing is transferable and is definitely captured on this very special recording. So God’s presence is now found on CD, is this any different than pantheism where his presence is in all objects, trees soil ands all things living and not.

Video- Calls out names as he says God gave them to him in prayer (and has prophecies for them) and then another name saying a supernatural intervention is for them asks them to “come down here”

A lady in ministry from s. Africa he wants to pray for her. "Then were going to do something tonight, if you want to see a healing explosion, were gonna have one tonight When they come forward he’s asking who is who. He tells him they are going to declare healing and when God heals him he will get a mantle like Daniel the prophet, it’s a tremendous anointing for understanding dreams and visions, wisdom and excellence…God’s going to use you to speak to governments… you will bring the word of the lord to presidents and kings by visions, he tells him he has anointing “for technology, is going to take you is going to take you into high places, as far the cooperate world—God’s going anoint you in a Bill Gates kind of way. Real entrepreneur, real businessman but you’ll be prophet in it you’ll a prophet in the midst of it like Joseph, like Daniel

the whole time he is pushing on the mans solar plexus with his fingers. how flattering, he’s got the whole package, did Bentley leave anything out? He then yells for the spirit of infirmity to come out of his body and says he heard a crack in his body the man goes down

The name John and rosa was said to him 10 times and it became a song he found himself singing, explaining this to the audience as they are standing right next to him.

The girl is shaking in her hands and is fidgeting. She has cancer and Todd says she has infirmity death and cancer through her generational line your family—God is going to break something with you tonight and give you an impartation

You know why I’m feeling you hands here, (she collapses) theres this oil right here for healing , can we pick her back upim not done messing around with her yet.”

How he speaks is raw and offensive, its mocking can a a sincere minister speak like this?

The supernatural invention, its like the angel of the lord is going to visit your house” he rebukes the spirit of death and cancer blahblablablablahblahblablablah, be drunk as drunk how drunk can she be he then says blahblablabla ah wah again how drunk can she be how long can it last hahha that’s good—she stays on the ground

Signs and wonders without the word and with silliness does seem to send the message of its source.

“Oh I forgot the most powerful encounter of all the ones I had last night. Listen the most important tone, I  went out in the spirit, I went and visited, I’m not going to give all the details but I went and visited a young girl in the spirit “ she was locked underground in a cellar I could feel abuse.. was given a keychain with 5 keys on it. He said Todd these keys are for those that were as a child were so abused locked in the basement weren’t fed and sexually abused physically abused… I’m giving you 5 keys for 5 ladies tonight… I’m going to open up their prison and in an instant take out all that pain. He then tells them that God took him into the field of praise where he danced with Jesus.

Goes down to one of the woman and breathes on her, another woman shaking violently falls as he touches her.

Hardly a biblical promise. When did the apostles ever say such promises? They didn’t , this is astral projection not a biblical concept.

It's obvious that Bentley does not understand the meaning of prayer, when the Lord says to pray he does not mean we exercise our power our strength to make something happen. This is all about dominionism in the spiritual realm.

As I write this, just two hours ago at 2pm, the Glory fell on me; I've been weeping and praying about what is happening here in Florida. I honestly have never felt such a manifest presence. People are saying they feel the glory 10 miles away from the meetings, it's that tangible PERSONAL UPDATE FROM TODD BENTLEY
Written April 16, 2008 Todd Bentley)

Was Pentecost felt 10 miles away? Was the presence of the Lord in the Tabernacle felt 10 miles away. This is how great this art, its about the greatness of this so called revival.



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