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This Directory list articles on the International Church of Christ.


Oahu Church of Christ-This is the introduction to this movement particularly on this Island . Please read this first before visiting the articles

History of their Movement- A birds eye view of where they came from and how they started.

Their defense of NOT being a Cult!- Looking at how they practice Christianity and their statements defending it.

Authority- How does this Church operate in their shepherding

Refutes to Baptismal regeneration-Examining the scripture to disprove that baptism saves a soul.

What Saves water or Faith-Is salvation by Faith alone or faith plus water Baptism?

Spirit baptism- What does the bible promote that makes one a Christian, the Spirit or baptized in water ?

What is Baptism-Defining what the act actually is and means.

Baptism in the Boston movement-What do they teach about baptism  and what makes them unique

Why Was Jesus baptized-What was the purpose for his baptism and what is the significance for us today.

Confession Sessions- Examining their practice of confessing their sins to their disciplers.

Revolution Through Restoration- Kip McKeans solution to Christianity.

The True Church - The I.C.C claims to be the restored true Church, a look at their claims and quotes.

Confusing the doctrines of Justification with Sanctification-Does the combination of works give assurance of salvation and when is one declared right with God .

Biblical discipleship-The differences between the Boston movements discipling and the biblical manner it is to be done.

Being a Disciple of Men-How are we to be discipled , who does it?

What is faith- What exactly is faith and does it stand on its own merit, or do we need additions?

Becoming their disciple or saved-Discipled or saved is the real issue at hand.

Where's the Beef ? Some true statistics about their phenomenal growth.

Help for the Confused-When to know to leave and what to do afterwards.

Disciple or Saint- Who are we according to the New Testament teaching?

Obeying your Leaders- What are the inner workings of control by discipleship in the ICC.

What now- steps forward or backward


If you feel we misrepresented the International Churches of Christ please contact us.

Articles are taken from the spiral bound book International Church of Christ  Birth of a Cult. Which  is available from  Let Us Reason ministries     ( on books)


International Churches of Christ  Universal World Church
Jehovah Witnesses Iglesio ni Christo   Oneness Pentecostals
     L.D.S Mormonism Unification Church (Moonies)
     True Jesus Church   Ogamisama


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