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Joyce Meyer's beliefs in a nutshell

Meyer follows in the footsteps of many she has learned from in the word faith camp. Her basis for her teaching is word faith, like Copeland and Hagin.

·        She believes Words are containers for power” to create and change our circumstance by our speaking them out like God did.You got a storage bin, a storage locker in heaven that has a lot of stuff in it that needs to be claimed.”

·         She believes prosperity is for all and tells people they will receive from the Lord by contributing to her ministry (she lives lavishly). Tells people giving keeps the anointing on your life.

·        Teaches that she is not a sinner anymore, she stopped sinning (see 1 Jn.:6-9)

·         That Jesus went to hell to take your place, suffered there –paid the price there (the standard teaching found in word faith) stopped being the son of God and was born again.

·        That we are little gods (standard word faith teaching)

·        Has a mystical view of the blood atonement making use of it for other things than the payment for our sins which gave forgiveness..

·        Angels tell her what to say on stage when she is preaching

·        Teaches that “the good angels have their home in heaven. Satan and the bad angels have their home in hell.”

·        Teaches that we can direct the angels in what to do for us

·         While the word faith teachers all believe in both health and wealth for those who exercise their faith

 ‘Be Healed In Jesus’ Name’. In the body text of the advert we read ‘We have been given assurance in God’s Word that He is the Healer and it is His will to heal everyone’. (Be Healed In Jesus’ Name’)

She instead chose to be operated on by a doctor in 1989 for her breast cancer. Which does imply she does not fully believe this.

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