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Bethel or Ichabod

What is Bill Johnson's Church really teaching?

Bill Johnson pastor of Bethel Church is leading the charismatic charge with signs and wonders just like others years before. But what is different is that everyone is united, on board through the new apostolic movement to change the church.

With his endorsement of William Branham and his association with the NAR and  ministers that are more than questionable in their doctrine,  where is he leading the youth of the church? We have whole new generation of young adults being misled by the new mysticism.

This should have everyone concerned with what is taking place at Bethel. Using Yoga and contemplative prayer from ancient monks and various other new age techniques they are introducing a different Christianity. They speak of contacting and waking up angels for their new revival. We now have the first new age hybrid church.

Denying that Jesus was God on earth, teaching He was only a man Johnson offers to the church the Latter Rain teaching that we can do everything he did. In fact we can produce heaven on earth.

In the video you will learn how Johnson has copied Wimber's Vineyard, William Branham's teachings and incorporated nearly every false move of the spirit and more.

Numerous clips and PP  bring you through his false teaching and unbiblical revival from Johnson and company. Get equipped to explain why this is wrong.


 2 DVD's   length: near 21/2 hours

$20.00 USA includes shipping

$21.00 overseas

$21.00 overseas




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