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              1950                                             1960                                                     2000                                                      2015 

I said, "Then after the war... it'll come to pass that science will be inventing great things." And I said, "When they do, they'll make an automobile, and automobiles will continually shape down (You know what they looked like in '33, now they...)," said, "they'll become like eggs, look like an egg. For I seen on a highway, a great master highway, a car going down the road that didn't have any steering wheel in it. It was controlled by a power." They got it right now...?... (That was thus saith the Lord Thiatiarean church age 60 – 1208)  

Now, the fifth thing. "Science will progress in such a way until they will make a car that will not have to be guided by a steering wheel, and the cars will continue to be shaped like an egg until the consummation," the end time. (The Jubilee The  Seventy  Weeks  Of  Daniel Jefferson In.   89-141, 61-0806)

"And they've got the car right now, It's already invented. They've got the car. And I said then, "Oh, how science will progress in that day!"(Foot Prints p.118)

He said, "You can't hit another car, because it's remote control. See, it's going like that right now. (58-0927, Why Are We Not A Denomination?) toidays cars can still hit other cars, it is not perfected yet

Branham said science would increase so greatly the cars would become more like "egg" all the time. This was hardly the pattern from when he spoke this, cars have become so varied in shape and their popularity is dependent on the taste of the people. in the 60's they had wings by the trunk. Bubble roofs of glass are hardly what the trend is toward.

Here is a picture of one of the driverless cars today, hardly bubble like after 50 years of his prediction.

Granted there are some that look like a VW bug, hardly room for 4 people, as he saw them playing a game in the car. Regardless, it is not powered the way he said it would be.


RAdio Detection And Ranging. RADAR is used in speed enforcement. Air traffic control, radar astronomy, air-defense systems, antimissile systems; aircraft anti-collision systems; ocean surveillance systems, outer space surveillance; meteorological precipitation monitoring; altimetry and flight control systems; guided missile target locating systems; and ground-penetrating radar for geological observations to name a few.


The first police LIDAR unit was developed in 1989 and revolutionized speed enforcement. For the first time law enforcement was able to aim through a scope to select the suspect speeding car and secure an accurate speed regardless of its position in traffic. NASA utilized a specially designed LIDAR for all space docking missions.

“Laser Radar” LIDAR is far more target selective than RADAR. Light Detection and Ranging is used in LTI’s family of Lasers. Specifically pulse laser detection sends out a predetermined series of light pulses with a known time interval between each pulse to a target and transmit and receive sensors resulting in an accurate speed and range.

This is what they are using and it was not invented in Branham’s day. So this is not magnetic nor radar as described by Branham. Now we must understand his prophecy of this was encased with 6 others. 7 predictions in the same vision he had in 1933, or so he said. So if one is wrong in any portion of these vision prophecies, then the whole matter of it being from God must be reject

Robot cars are said to help us get rid of traffic jams and accidents. For the handicapped, blind people, or the elderly this new technology would be welcomed, even for public transportation. Those who are too young to drive would be able to move around freely.  The savings in lives, dollars, and productivity is incalculable. The problems we face now in the technology are fog, snow and heavy rain which affect the lidar system of calculation.

Trial programs will launch in 12 to 20 more U.S. locations, which means driverless cars will be on roads in up to 30 U.S. cities by the end of 2016

These cars do not use radar for power but Laser Illuminating Detection and Ranging – or LIDAR – which builds a 3D map and allows the car to “see” potential hazards by bouncing a laser beam off of surfaces surrounding the car in order to accurately determine the distance and the profile of that object. The radar units allow the car to avoid impact by sending a signal to the on-board processor to apply the brakes, or move out of the way when applicable. 

Some of those tested have featured advanced sonar technology. The limitations of sonar are its narrow field of view and its relatively short effective range (about 6 meters). However, the inclusion provides yet another redundant system that allows the car to effectively cross-reference data from other systems in real time to apply the brakes, pre-tension seat belts for impact, or swerve to avoid obstacles.

The LIDAR turret paints the world around the car with an infrared laser beam at very high speed.  By recording the position and intensity of laser light reflected back, a simple machine vision algorithm can quickly compute a three-dimensional map of the objects around the car many times a second, allowing it to identify objects like cars, pedestrians, sidewalks, and traffic cones.

And now I have predicted by revelation from God, or a vision in 1933, that seven things would happen before the end time. " 64-0726E, Broken Cisterns, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

This lidar control was not invented in Branham’s day and it certainly is not controlled like dialing a phone.

And what of the Luxury flying car to hit market in 2017?

A company in Europe is introducing a flying car to the roads and skies. AeroMobil, based in Slovakia, has been developing this project since 1989. The two-seat vehicle converts from a light sport plane with retractable wings to a four-wheel car that runs on gasoline instead of kerosene. That means you can fill it up at a regular gas station. The company said it can hit just about 100 mph on the road and just under 125 mph in the sky.

Why did Branham not see this as well? Would this not be as fantastic as a driverless car? In fact there are more futurist concepts involving flying cars than driverless.

“I seen American family going down the road in a broad way, riding in a car with their backs turned towards where the wheel should be; looked like they were playing checkers or cards. And we got it. It's on television. "Popular Science"--"Mechanics," rather, all have it; we got the car. It's controlled by remote control by--by radar. They won't even have to have any steering wheel in it. Just set your dial like this--like you dial your phone--your car takes you right on to it, can't wreck nor nothing. No other cars--the magnet keeps the rest of them away from you. See? They got it. Oh, my. Think of it. Predicted thirty years before it happened. (The Jubilee,.The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel, Jefferson In. 89-141, 61-0806)

What do the bubble cars prove – Branham. They prove nothing from the Bible that has any reference to the Church. Branham saw this car, but not the computer’s in the all the cars. He never mentioned the company that made them? Branham didn’t see music players or video players in the car, battery operated cars, or wi-fi for that matter. All which has become commonplace in our day and shaped the way cars are before a driverless car.

We are told he is the end time prophet, the last for the age of the church. He never prophesied the Internet, computers, laptops, VCR, DVD players, MP3 players, wireless electricity, telephones being carried on a person to communicate, Big TV’s common in homes, going to the moon, the Kennedy assassination which changed America like nothing else in its time. The drug culture or LSD that were both beginning in his day. Or where marijuana is being legalized. The price of oil and its importance for the world and the Arabs. The rise of terrorism all over the world. What governments would be a problem in our future. All of these are normal in our day, but much began during or after he died that has affected us far more than some of what he prophesied.

Why do people want to believe in this man as a modern day prophet and not believe the ones that have their words written in the Bible?




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